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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Social Media Undermine National Security

Social media companies are publishers. Facebook, Twitter, et al. See below for definition of publishing.

Lies and propaganda published on social media destroy social cohesion and contribute to political violence.

See below for RISKS.

Requiring Social Media companies to face normal publishing risks can help the national security of the United States.  

Social media CAN be subjected to those RISKS by legislative action. An additional RISK for social media can be disconnection from the internet. 

Social media businesses lobby to prevent government from applying those risks to them because they profit greatly from avoiding such RISKS.



'Publishing is the activity of making information, literature, music, software and other content available to the public for sale or for free.[1] Traditionally, the term refers to the distribution of printed works, such as books, newspapers, and magazines. With the advent of digital information systems, the scope has expanded to include electronic publishing such as ebooks, academic journals, micropublishing, websites, blogs, video game publishing, and the like.

Publishing may produce private, club, commons or public goods and may be conducted as a commercial, public, social or community activity.[2] The commercial publishing industry ranges from large multinational conglomerates such as Bertelsmann, RELX, Pearson and Thomson Reuters[3] to thousands of small independents. It has various divisions such as: trade/retail publishing of fiction and non-fiction, educational publishing (k-12) and academic and scientific publishing.[4] Publishing is also undertaken by governments, civil society and private companies for administrative or compliance requirements, business, research, advocacy or public interest objectives.[5] This can include annual reports, research reports, market research, policy briefings and technical reports. Self-publishing has become very common.'



'Every time you publish something online, whether it's a news article, blog post, podcast, video, or even a user comment, you open yourself up to potential legal liability. This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise because the Internet, after all, is available to anyone who wishes to connect to the network, and even the smallest blog or most obscure discussion forum has the potential to reach hundreds of millions of people throughout the world.

Often the legal risks are small, but not always. The risks you could face when you publish online can take a number of forms, depending on what and how you publish. The sections that follow are not intended to make you an expert on media law, but merely to help you identify potential "red flags" so that when you publish something that might result in liability, you will know to be extra careful and will take the necessary steps to minimize your potential legal risks.

Let's start with the more obvious risks.

First, if you publish information that harms the reputation of another person, group, or organization, or inflicts emotional distress upon another person, you may be liable for "defamation" or "false light." Defamation is the term for a legal claim involving injury to reputation caused by false statements of fact and includes both libel (typically written or recorded statements) and slander (typically spoken statements). False light, which is similar to defamation, generally involves untrue factual implications about the subject that, although they might not hold the subject up to scorn or ridicule, nevertheless cause emotional distress. The crux of both of these claims is falsity; with very rare exceptions, truthful statements and implications that harm another's reputation will not create liability, although they may open you up to other forms of liability if the information you publish is of a personal or highly private nature. We explain the details of defamation and false light and provide some practical tips for avoiding defamation and false light claims in the section on Publishing Information that Harms Reputation.

Second, if you publish private or personal information about someone without their permission, you potentially expose yourself to legal liability even if your portrayal is factually accurate. For example, in most states you can be sued for publishing private facts about another person, even if those facts are true. The term "private facts" refers to information about someone's personal life that has not previously been revealed to the public, that is not of legitimate public concern, and the publication of which would be offensive to a reasonable person. This could include such things as writing about a person's medical condition, sexual activities, or financial troubles.

If you use someone else's name, likeness, or other personal attributes without their permission for an exploitative purpose you could also face liability for misappropriation or violation of the right of publicity. Usually, people run into trouble in this area when they use someone's name or photograph in a commercial setting, such as in advertising or other promotional activities. But, some states also prohibit use of another person's identity for the user's own personal benefit, whether or not the purpose is strictly commercial. We discuss the details of misappropriation/right of publicity and private facts claims and provide some practical tips for avoiding these claims in the section on Publishing Personal and Private Information.

Third, if you have web forums, allow reader comments, host guest bloggers on your site, or if you repost information that you receive from RSS feeds, section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (“CDA 230”) will likely shield you from liability for certain kinds of problematic statements made by your users, guests and other third-parties on your site. This important federal law protects you from tort liability for statements contained in these materials – and any other user-submitted content – you publish on your site. You will not lose this immunity even if you moderate or edit this content, whether for accuracy or civility, so long as your edits do not substantially alter the meaning of the original statements. Keep in mind that CDA 230 will only protect you if a third-party – not you or your employee or someone acting under your direction – posts something on your blog or website. It does not shield you from liability for your own statements. We cover this protection in more detail in the section on Publishing the Statements and Content of Others.

Fourth, if you publish or use the creative work of others, their trademarks, or certain confidential business information without the permission of the owner, you may be exposing yourself to legal liability for violations of intellectual property law.  Fortunately, if you allow your site's user to post this type of content you can protect yourself from copyright infringement claims (but not trademark or other intellectual property claims) under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).  In order to take advantage of the DMCA, you must register an agent with the Copyright Office to receive notices of infringement, establish effective "notice-and-takedown" procedures, promptly remove content when a copyright owner notifies you that it is infringing, and have no knowledge that the material in question is infringing.  We cover liability associated with copyright, trademark, and trade secrets, as well as the procedures you should follow under the DMCA, in the section on Intellectual Property.

Fifth, if you are a blogger or social media user who reviews or otherwise writes about products and services, the Federal Trade Commission has issued "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising" that may impose disclosure requirements on you.  These guidelines require that you disclose "material connections" you may have with a company whose products or services you "endorse."  Without the legal jargon, this means that bloggers and social media users must disclose their relationship with a company when they are being paid or otherwise compensated by the company to comment favorably on its products or services.  We cover these requirements in the section on Publishing Product or Service Endorsements.

Lastly, as you publish your work online you may want to correct things you have previously published. Your willingness to fix past errors in your work will provide several benefits. It will make your work more accurate and reliable and will likely diminish your liability for defamation and other potential legal claims. We explain the benefits of correcting your errors and provide some practical tips for handling requests to correct or remove material in the section on Correcting or Retracting Your Work After Publication.'

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Today is a sad day....

I am saddened to realize that many Americans in the GOP actively work to install a dictatorship in the United States. 

I am doubly saddened that the American voting public probably is the only force remaining to prevent that. We must step up - absolutely. 

If the GOP insurrectionists succeed, the experiment of United States democracy will be finished forever - it will not return.

This is more important than Covid. 

Today's GOP works to replace or stymy duly serving government officials at every level - national, State, Local, volunteer. They target school boards, sewer boards, water districts, police and sheriff departments, city councils, county governments, state governments and the national government.

Some of the GOP insurrectionists hold elected office and some hold appointed office.  

As above, our hope lies is the common sense of American voters. But, we activists need to help the voters by opposing and calling out EVERY GOP insurrectionist. 

We call them out by demanding an answer to whether they believe the Big Lie and want to install trump.

Our goal is to publicize their agenda so all voters can understand their goals. 

AND, make sure that there are zero unopposed candidates at every level of public service  - from the school board to local elections to the US Senate.

If there is no candidate, then run yourself. 

Show up and contest every proposed person to an appointed office who is a GOP sycophant. 

After we actively contest all insurrectionists, prayers may be the best we can do  - Pray that American voters steer the country away from tyranny. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Dark Money is Oil Money, and It Wants More

“A Post-Mortem on Our Authoritarian Experiment” '

At this year’s annual McCormick Lecture, Jane Mayer, celebrated investigative journalist and chief Washington correspondent at The New Yorker, dissected authoritarianism in modern America. 

Mayer traced back from current events, drawing on her extensive research of the Koch brothers from her book “Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right,” in order to contextualize everything from former President Donald Trump’s election to the proliferation of disinformation in American politics. 

The McCormick Distinguished Lecture Series brings in “eminent national and international experts on law and public affairs to speak to the University of Arizona campus,” according to the McCormick Society

The society itself is associated with the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law and is named for the former university president and dean of the College of Law, Dr. James Byron McCormick. This year, the college invited Mayer to present over Zoom with a Q&A segment moderated by Stephen Golden and professor Nancy Sharkey from the UA School of Journalism.....'

Biden Plan: Combat Domestic Terrorism

 'White House unveils strategy to combat domestic terrorism

A federal review found that militia extremists and racially and ethnically motivated violent extremists pose the deadliest terrorism threat to the U.S.


The White House on Tuesday announced a cross-agency strategy to combat domestic terrorism, just two weeks after President Joe Biden promised the upcoming release during his remarks commemorating the Tulsa massacre.

The effort is the culmination of a review, led by the National Security Council, of how the U.S. government has dealt with the growing threat. It reiterates that militia extremists and racially and ethnically motivated violent extremists — predominantly white supremacists — are the most lethal and persistent terrorism threat facing the U.S....'

To see entire report, follow this link:

Monday, June 14, 2021

Future Proofing The Presidency


Well done series highlighting what the United States must do; follow the link:

Friday, June 11, 2021

Trump's Thugs Threaten to Kill Election Volunteers:

Must read to see how trump's thugs threaten to kill election volunteers:

See article here -

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Before the Fall of the Roman Republic

From the Daily Stoic:

'The true end of the Republic did not come with the arrival of Julius Caesar. The sign that things had collapsed came years before, not once but many times. The political process in Rome, which had never been perfect, broke down into throngs of violent street mobs. As Mike Duncan (recent guest on the podcast) explains in his amazing book, The Storm Before the Storm, it started with the crisis of 133, the first time political differences escalated to violence. Over what? A land redistribution bill. The nobles and the aristocrats assembled behind a senator named Nasica and launched an armed attack, killing some three hundred people. Rome had never seen such a massacre, as Duncan writes, it was “one of the bloodiest days in Roman political history.”

This is why the Stoics were so routinely aghast at mobs, why they warned against anger and chaos and hatred. They had witnessed it firsthand. Not just the escalating violence that led to the collapse of the Republic, either. They were themselves the victims of persecutions of philosophers. They saw how Nero, all too easily, was able to scapegoat the Christians as a ploy to distract Romans from his incompetence and evil.

And so it goes in America (and many other nations.) It’s why the horrifying murder of Ahmaud Arbery can’t be dismissed as just some crime that happened in Georgia. It’s why violence against Asians and Jews cannot be tolerated, cannot be ignored. David French (another guest) recently wrote a moving piece titled, Can America Be America When Jews Are Beaten in the Streets? No country can allow anyone to be beaten in the streets, let alone a vulnerable minority with a 2000-year history of persecution. Because when the wolves of hate are loose, no one is safe.

We cannot allow this to happen. We cannot allow our political process to devolve any further, to descend into open violence in the streets. We cannot dismiss these events as isolated instances. We cannot engage in whataboutism. Because if we do—if we do nothing, as Marcus Aurelius said—we are not only committing an injustice by allowing injustice to happen, but we are ultimately imperilling ourselves.

Just as we saw in Rome, as we saw in Germany, as we have seen anywhere that mob violence is encouraged or allowed. '


Monday, May 31, 2021

Stopping the Big Lie

Republicans in many states are trying systematically to take away our voting rights by reversing the 2020 election, solely because they don't like the results.

All Republicans who run in 2022 and 2024 for Federal and State legislatures and/or Election offices AND who also support interfering with voting rights should be challenged in both the primary and general elections by candidates of any party who support free elections.

Free election candidates should run regardless of whether or not the US Congress passes voting rights legislation. 

This challenge to free elections is a threat to democracy and good governing practices in every State and at every level.

Here is the primary campaign message all candidates should adopt: 

'My opponent supports canceling the 2020 presidential election.

He believes the Big Lie that the election was stolen. 

In fact, our election was the most secure and successful in history. I want to ensure that our elections remain free and honest where the winner takes the office and loser tries to win with better policies the voters like. 

BUT, folks who believe the Big Lie want to overturn voting rights and election results. 

Make no mistake, he wants to take away your right to vote and then install a dictatorship.

He wants to create a system where the only people who win elections are people he supports.

That will destroy Democracy.'

Friday, May 21, 2021

A Storm Gathers - UPDATE

 As sure as God made little green apples, rich white guys want to keep their power.

They would rather, and absolutely WILL, burn down the country to prevent any power loss.

It's about power, period.

There is no loyalty to country or people - only to power. 

Diversity, fairness, inclusion, immigration, fair wages, middle class, elections, world peace:


'IT'S ALL CRAP........We will KILL anyone who prevents us from retaining power. '

In case of doubt, remember Tulsa race massacre of 1921:


UPDATE: And, a position of steadfast resistance to each and every attempt to usurp elections will force the power hungry to back off - even if it seems extreme. Tyrants push until they meet effective resistance. 

This is the GOP today:

'We give NOTHING to Biden - we expect him to annoy our base of idiots so they will vote us into power; but, if not, then we burn down the country to get that power. ' 

Our only hope is to prosecute any and all crimes and misdemeanors from them - NOW and continuing - in order to cripple their actions.

We should encourage immigration so they can be even more outnumbered than today. It will be good to protect voting rights, but, in the final analysis, violence may outweigh voting.

It is NOT a drill........ 

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Arizona Violates Election Laws

The Arizona State Legislature has turned over the paper ballots from Maricopa County in the 2020 Presidential election to a private company. That company is looking for, or possibly creating, fraudulent ballots with the possible goal of overturning the Presidential election.

 [] and []

It is a direct attack on Federal election integrity in the United States. The process used in Arizona may also violate United States Federal election laws. 

Further, the exercise may be a model of, and a possible rehearsal for, a country-wide attack on all Federal elections.  It serves to damage the reputation of all elections and thus may lead some voters to place trust in a strongman instead of a democratic process.

Our democratic process relies on open and honest elections as its founding principle.

This challenge to a certified election must be stopped and any lawbreakers prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Some may argue that the process is a coordinated attack on election integrity orchestrated by some dark power. Whether or not that is correct, the result of the action can easily provide some future dictator with the tools to effectuate a coup d'├ętat.

Even if the process is a relatively 'innocent'  action by racists, it has already created death threats for the AZ Secretary of State. 


The United States of America cannot allow such actions to continue - this action must be challenged strongly and the perpetrators prosecuted for any illegal acts. 

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Brilliant Biden

 Must watch this brilliant speech.....

Thank you Mr. President

See video of entire address here -

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

List of Companies Actively Undermining Democracy

Who exactly pays for the voter suppression laws being enacted into law in many states?

These laws strike at the heart of the United States democracy - the sponsors bring shame on themselves.

see the entire report here:


The 25 Companies Contributing the Most to the Supporters of Voter Suppression Bills (Includes contributions from 2015 to 2020)

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Dark Money Threatens Democracy

Many state legislatures recently have introduced laws to make it harder for voters to vote, give unelected officials power over election results and generally create doubt and difficulty with free and fair elections. []


Many commentators attribute these actions to Republicans attempting to maintain control over government. []


However, there may be an overarching agenda. The goals may be to cripple the voting process and to reduce public trust in elections. Such actions can cripple the foundations of representative democracy: rule of law and free elections.


When this kind of initiative occurs in many states at the same time, it is likely that some financial backers encourage it.


Further, the effects of such actions may produce a climate favoring a tyranny in the United States.


I call on the FBI to investigate the funding sources for these actions to discover whether crimes have been committed and to hold accountable those who commit such crimes. 

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Some Republicans Are Explicitly Racist, Thus Forfeit Right to Govern

The GOP is at a crossroads. The party will choose between responsible governance and encouraging a racist tyranny.  See Ms. Richardson below for the background:

Heather Cox Richardson, April 16, 2021 (Friday)

Today, news broke that a number of pro-Trump House Republicans, including Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Matt Gaetz (R-FL), and Paul Gosar (R-AZ), are organizing the “America First Caucus,” which calls for “a degree of ideological flexibility, a certain intellectual boldness… to follow in President Trump’s footsteps, and potentially step on some toes and sacrifice sacred cows for the good of the American nation.”

The seven-page document outlining their ideas, obtained by Punchbowl News, is a list of the grievances popular in right-wing media. It calls for regulation of “Big Tech,” which right-wing commentators claim is biased against them; an end to coronavirus lockdowns, which the authors say “have ruined many businesses to bankruptcy such that many Americans are left unemployed and potentially destitute”; opposition to “wasteful social justice programs like the Green New Deal”; support for oil and gas; and rejection of “globalist institutions.”

And, with extraordinary clarity, it shows the ideology that underpins these positions, an ideology eerily reminiscent of that of the elite slaveholders of the 1850s American South.

“America was founded on the basis of individual and state sovereignty,” the document says, but that federalism has been undermined by decadent and corrupt bureaucrats in Washington. The authors propose to get rid of regulation and the regulatory state, thus restoring individual freedom. This is the exact argument that animated elite slaveholders, who vowed to keep the national government small so it could not intrude on their institution of human enslavement.

The authors of the America First Caucus platform lay out very clearly the racial argument behind the political one. America, the authors write, is based on “a common respect for uniquely Anglo-Saxon political traditions,” and “mass immigration” must be stopped. “Anglo-Saxon” is an old-fashioned historical description that has become a dog whistle for white supremacy. Scholars who study the Medieval world note that visions of a historical “white” England are fantasies, myths that are set in an imaginary past.

This was a myth welcome to pre-Civil War white southerners who fancied themselves the modern version of ancient English lords and used the concept of “Anglo-Saxon” superiority to justify spreading west over Indigenous and Mexican peoples. It was a myth welcome in the 1920s to members of the Ku Klux Klan, who claimed that “only as we follow in the pathway of the principles of our Anglo-Saxon father and express in our life the spirit and genius of their ideals may we hope to maintain the supremacy of the race, and to perpetuate our inheritance of liberty.” And it is a myth that appeals to modern-day white supremacists, who imitate what they think are ancient crests for their clothing, weapons, and organizations.

Emphasizing their white nationalism, the members of the America First Caucus call for “the architectural, engineering and aesthetic value that befits the progeny of European architecture… stunningly, classically, beautiful, befitting a world power and source of freedom.” They also condemn the current education system, calling it “progressive indoctrination” and saying it works “to actively undermine pride in America’s great history and is actively hostile to the civic and cultural assimilation necessary for a strong nation.” They conclude that “The future of America’s position in the world depends on addressing the crisis in education, at both the primary and secondary level.” They envision a world in which people who think as they do control the nation.

Indeed, the document embraces the Big Lie that Biden did not, in fact win the 2020 election. Despite the fact that all evidence proves that the 2020 election was one of the cleanest in our history and that President Joe Biden won, fair and square, the America First Caucus Policy Platform insists that the 2020 election was characterized by “massive voter fraud” and calls for limiting the vote.
Behind all this, of course, is the idea that a Democratic victory in an election is, by definition, impossible.

This extraordinary document makes it clear that Republican leaders are reaping what they began to sow during the Nixon administration, when party operatives nailed together a coalition by artificially dividing the nation between hardworking white taxpayers on the one hand and, on the other, people of color and feminist women whose demand for equality, the argument went, was code for government handouts. In the years since 1970, Republicans have called for deregulation and tax cuts that help the wealthy, arguing that such cuts advance individual liberty. All the while, they have relied on racism and sexism to rally voters with the argument that Black and Brown voters and feminist women—“feminazis,” in radio host Rush Limbaugh’s world—wanted big government so it would give them handouts.

It was a political equation that worked with a wink and a nod until former president Trump put the racism and sexism openly on the table and encouraged his supporters to turn against their opponents. They have now embraced open white supremacy.

The platform of the America First Caucus appears to have woken up some of the business Republicans—who want tax cuts and deregulation, but not the mindless white nationalism of the Trump supporters—to what has taken over their party. Today House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) took to Twitter to say that “America is built on the idea that we are all created equal and success is earned through honest, hard work. It isn’t built on identity, race, or religion. The Republican Party is the party of Lincoln & the party of more opportunity for all Americans—not nativist dog whistles.”

Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY), the third most powerful Republican leader in the House, tweeted, “Republicans believe in equal opportunity, freedom, and justice for all. We teach our children the values of tolerance, decency and moral courage. Racism, nativism, and anti-Semitism are evil. History teaches us all we have an obligation to confront & reject such malicious hate.”

In an op-ed in the Washington Post today, former President George W. Bush defended immigration in our past, present, and future as “a great and defining asset of the United States.” “New Americans are just as much a force for good now, with their energy, idealism and love of country, as they have always been,” he wrote as he described his new book, made up of portraits he has painted of Americans who came originally from other nations.

Will the business Republicans’ newfound inclusiveness manage to reclaim their party? It’s not at all clear that what conservative commentator Tom Nichols calls “an extremely dangerous authoritarian party” will not win out.

Republicans in the Arizona state Senate today put teeth into the Big Lie when they announced they have hired a private company connected with Trump to recount the ballots cast in Maricopa County, Arizona, in the 2020 election. They claim they want to “restore integrity to the election process,” although the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, dominated by Republicans, voted unanimously to certify Biden’s win and both state and federal judges have verified that the existing count is valid. County officials have distanced themselves from this recount.

At the same time, though, news is not good for Trump’s supporters. Yesterday, the Treasury Department dropped the bombshell that Trump’s 2016 campaign chair Paul Manafort worked with Russian intelligence to swing the 2016 election, while House Republicans accused the intelligence community of spying on them. Today the Department of Justice launched a civil suit against Trump adviser Roger Stone, saying that he and his wife “intended to defraud the United States” by hiding income and that they owe nearly $2 million in back taxes. It is not unim

Perhaps most notably in this era of social media, McCarthy’s tweet recalling the Republican Party’s older, inclusive days got what is called “ratioed” on Twitter, with significantly more people disparaging the tweet than liking it. The Republicans are “the party of the Confederacy, white supremacy, Black voter suppression, Kremlin collusion, and violent insurrection,” Kat 4 Obama wrote. “The party of Abraham Lincoln has become the party of Jefferson Davis.”

Friday, April 9, 2021

Musings on Tyranny in the United States

Here I will try to explain the idea of tyranny to white Americans. None of what follows is especially unique or revelatory, but I do try to tie together some disparate trends. Of necessity, I make some sweeping generalizations. 

Most white Americans have no experience of, and very little knowledge about, tyranny. 

But, most Americans of color, and some white women, have clear and precise knowledge of tyranny from our system. We tyrannize Americans of color every day. For a long time, we restricted tyranny to Black Americans, but recently we have expanded our tyranny to include most minorities.

White Americans know that and choose to ignore it. 

As a white American man, I have no direct experience of tyranny, but I have read about political tyrannies in other countries for a few years. Please allow me to offer the thoughts below.

trump did not invent tyranny but he recognized the tyrannical tendencies in the USA and exploited them. Regardless of where he ends, we have ingrained those tendencies in our character.

Tyranny is a fundamental human experience. Throughout history, kings and warlords have tyrannized tribes and countries, beginning before written history and continuing today.

Democracy in the USA and some other countries is an historic anomaly - we escaped subjection to tyrants as an historical accident. We were lucky and fortunate.

Tyranny is a system in which a single person, or a very few, holds absolute power over the population. Tyrants can, and do routinely: insult, rob, abuse, degrade, imprison, poison, torture, humiliate and murder any subject with no consequence. An example: Jeffrey Epstein dies while in Federal custody. Another: Russian Putin critic Navalny is imprisoned and mysteriously gets a horrible disease that may kill him soon.

Tyrants routinely persecute any subject who objects to their tyranny and favors anyone who supports it. 

A tyrant says: do what I ask and I will protect you, i.e., Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Michael Flynn. If you do not support me, then see above for my remedies.

Tyrants and those aspiring to tyranny value that absolute power over any other value. A person aspiring to tyranny will say or promise anything that will improve their chance of obtaining power. In a representative government, tyrants have to secure followers who will support their power aspirations. However, make no mistake; once a tyrant achieves power, all promises are off the table. 

Many naive Americans think they will get a prize when a tyrant achieves the power he seeks. We call these foolish people 'useful idiots'. They will be 'thrown under the bus' sooner than they think.

Our American system in the 21st Century AD has some built in advantages favoring a tyrant.


Foremost among the advantages to tyrants is American racism. Many Americans are racists who believe that non-white Americans must be controlled and/or tyrannized to prevent them from taking power and damaging white Americans. While this is utter nonsense, it underlies many actions and beliefs of some white Americans. Today's concerted attempts to restrict voting access by minorities is blatant racism.


Our economic system is tilted toward inequality, favoring rich people and harming working people. The concentration of wealth and incomes in the top few has left the majority of people in dire straits and given the top few ability to control the system in their favor. At the same time, many undereducated people are left destitute; the pandemic has increased the divisions.

Police control

The USA is a security state with local police, state police, county sheriffs, highway patrol, FBI, NSA, etc, etc. That system can tyrannize any citizen at any time, backed by the force of law and the judicial system. If a tyrant controls that system, he can create a tyranny. 

Do we have hope?

Our collective naivte leads us to assume the system is benign and to ignore its obvious flaws. 

Yes, we can hope. We have a robust system filled with people of good will who are dedicated to democracy and the rule of law. Tyrants want to use that system against democracy, but so far the system has held. It will continue to hold, provided that we recognize the parts of the system which favor tyranny. 

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Greek Philosopher Solon Nails US Tyrant Wannabes, c 549 BC

Plutarch Lives, Solon 638 - 539 BC

Now when Pisistratus, having wounded himself, was brought into the marketplace in a chariot, and stirred up the people, as if he had been thus treated by his opponents because of his political conduct, and a great many were enraged and cried out, Solon coming close to him, said, 'This, O son of Hippocrates, is a bad copy of Homer's Ulysses; you do, to trick your countrymen, what he did to deceive his enemies.' After this, the people were eager to protect Pisistratus, and met in an assembly, where one Ariston making a motion that they should allow Pisistratus fifty clubmen for a guard to his person, Solon opposed it and said much to the same purport as what he has left us in his poems:

'You dote upon his words and talking phrase;'

And again:

'True, you are singly each a crafty soul,

But all together make one empty fool.'

But observing the poor men bent to gratify Pisistratus, and tumultuous, and the rich fearful and getting out of harm's way, had departed, saying that he was wiser than some and stouter than others; wiser than those that, though they understood it, were afraid to oppose the tyranny.

Now, the people, having passed the law, were not nice with Pisistratus about the number of his clubmen, but [he] took no notice of it, though he enlisted and kept as many as he would, until he seized the Acropolis. When that was done, and the city in an uproar, Miracles, with all his family, at once fled; but Solon, though he was now very old, and had some to back him, yet came into the marketplace and made a speech to the citizens, partly blaming their inadvertency and meanness of spirit, and in part urging and exhorting not thus tamely to lose their liberty; and likewise then spoke that memorable saying, that, before it was an easier task to stop the rising tyranny, but now the great and more  glorious action to destroy it, when it was begun already, and had gathered strength.

But all being afraid to side with him, he returned home, and, taking his arms, he brought them out and laid them on the porch before his door with these words: 'I have done my part to maintain my country and my laws', and then he busied himself no more. His friends advising him to fly, he refused, but wrote poems, and then reproached the Athenians in them:

'If now you suffer, do not blame the Powers, 

For they are good, and all the fault was ours, 

All the strongholds you put into his hands,

And now his slaves must do what he commands.'

And many telling him that the tyrant would take his life for this, and asking what he trusted to, that he wanted to speak so badly, he replied: 'To my old age.'

Saturday, March 20, 2021

No Evidence Found that a Foreign Government Manipulated Any Election Results

Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Joint Statement from the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security Assessing the Impact of Foreign Interference During the 2020 U.S. Elections

No Evidence Found that a Foreign Government 
Manipulated Any Election Results

 Note: The joint report can be viewed here.[]

WASHINGTON – The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), including the FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), released today key findings and recommendations from a joint report to the President issued last month on the impact of foreign governments and their agents on the security and integrity of the 2020 U.S. federal elections. 

The Departments investigated multiple public claims that one or more foreign governments owned, directed or controlled election infrastructure used in the 2020 federal elections; implemented a scheme to manipulate election infrastructure; or tallied, changed or otherwise manipulated vote counts. The Departments found that those claims were not credible.

These conclusions are part of a classified report to the President prepared by DOJ and DHS pursuant to section 1(b) of Executive Order 13848, Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Influence in a United States Election (the EO), issued on Sept. 12, 2018. Although the 1(b) report notes that Russian, Chinese, and Iranian government-affiliated actors materially impacted the security of certain networks during the 2020 federal elections, the Departments found no evidence that any foreign government-affiliated actor manipulated election results or otherwise compromised the integrity of the 2020 federal elections.

The 1(b) report relied on a classified assessment — prepared by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), pursuant to section 1(a) of the EO, about any information indicating that a foreign government acted with the intent or purpose of interfering in the 2020 U.S. federal elections. Whereas the 1(a) report discusses efforts to influence public perceptions and opinion, the scope of the 1(b) report only includes efforts to compromise the security or integrity of election infrastructure or infrastructure pertaining to political organizations, candidates or campaigns used in the 2020 U.S. federal elections. The 1(b) report does not discuss efforts to sway voters or influence opinion.

During the 2020 election cycle, federal, state, local, tribal, territorial, non-governmental and private sector partners nationwide worked together in unprecedented ways to combat foreign interference efforts and support election officials, political organizations, campaigns and candidates in safeguarding their infrastructure. The Departments remain committed to continuously strengthening the nation’s cybersecurity, critical infrastructure, supply chain risk management, public-private partnerships and public messaging to enhance the resiliency of our democratic institutions. 

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Domestic Violent Extremism Poses Heightened Threat


(U) Domestic Violent Extremism Poses Heightened Threat in 2021

01 March 2021

Executive Summary

(U) The IC assesses that domestic violent extremists (DVEs) who are motivated by a range of ideologies and galvanized by recent political and societal events in the United States pose an elevated threat to the Homeland in 2021. Enduring DVE motivations pertaining to biases against minority populations and perceived government overreach will almost certainly continue to drive DVE radicalization and mobilization to violence. Newer sociopolitical developments—such as narratives of fraud in the recent general election, the emboldening impact of the violent breach of the US Capitol, conditions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and conspiracy theories promoting violence—will almost certainly spur some DVEs to try to engage in violence this year. 

(U) The IC assesses that lone offenders or small cells of DVEs adhering to a diverse set of violent extremist ideologies are more likely to carry out violent attacks in the Homeland than organizations that allegedly advocate a DVE ideology. DVE attackers often radicalize independently by consuming violent extremist material online and mobilize without direction from a violent extremist organization, making detection and disruption difficult.

(U) The IC assesses that racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists (RMVEs) and militia violent extremists (MVEs) present the most lethal DVE threats, with RMVEs most likely to conduct mass-casualty attacks against civilians and MVEs typically targeting law enforcement and government personnel and facilities. The IC assesses that the MVE threat increased last year and that it will almost certainly continue to be elevated throughout 2021 because of contentious sociopolitical factors that motivate MVEs to commit violence. 

(U) The IC assesses that US RMVEs who promote the superiority of the white race are the DVE actors with the most persistent and concerning transnational connections because individuals with similar ideological beliefs exist outside of the United States and these RMVEs frequently communicate with and seek to influence each other. We assess that a small number of US RMVEs have traveled abroad to network with like-minded individuals.

(U) The IC assesses that DVEs exploit a variety of popular social media platforms, smaller websites with targeted audiences, and encrypted chat applications to recruit new adherents, plan and rally support for in-person actions, and disseminate materials that contribute to radicalization and mobilization to violence.

(U) The IC assesses that several factors could increase the likelihood or lethality of DVE attacks in 2021 and beyond, including escalating support from persons in the United States or abroad, growing perceptions of government overreach related to legal or policy changes and disruptions, and high-profile attacks spurring follow-on attacks and innovations in targeting and attack tactics.

(U) DVE lone offenders will continue to pose significant detection and disruption challenges because of their capacity for independent radicalization to violence, ability to mobilize discretely, and access to firearms.

Full report []

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

PUTIN, Yes He Did, and Is Still Doing

Official report on 2020 election

Foreign Threats to the 2020 US Federal Elections

Extremists Buy Judicial System

Heather Cox Richardson


March 16, 2021 (Tuesday)

Today, I’m watching some stories that have immediate significance, but also indicate larger trends.

First, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) has asked the Justice Department, now overseen by Attorney General Merrick Garland, to look into the unusual circumstances through which Brett Kavanaugh’s large debts disappeared before his nomination to the Supreme Court. While this question is important to understanding Kavanaugh’s position on our Supreme Court, it is more than that: it is part of a larger investigation into the role of big money in our justice system. 

Last May, Whitehouse, along with Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), released a report titled “Captured Courts: The GOP’s Big Money Assault On The Constitution, Our Independent Judiciary, And The Rule of Law.” It outlined how the “Conservative Legal Movement has rewritten federal law to favor the rich and powerful,” how the Federalist Society and special-interest money control our courts, and how the system benefits the big-money donors behind the Republicans. 

On March 10, Whitehouse began hearings to investigate the role of big money in Supreme Court nominations and decisions. Aside from Chief Justice John Roberts, every Supreme Court justice named by a Republican president has ties to the Federalist Society, a group that advocates an originalist interpretation of the Constitution, which prohibits the use of the courts to regulate business or to defend civil rights.

So while it is the Kavanaugh story that is getting media attention, the longer story is about whether our courts have been bought.

Another story on my list is that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell today warned Democrats in the Senate not to get rid of the filibuster to pass voting rights legislation. “Nobody serving in this chamber can even begin, can even begin, to imagine what a completely scorched-earth Senate would look like,” he said. But, in fact, they can, because it was McConnell himself who got rid of the filibuster to hammer through Trump’s Supreme Court nominees, and who pushed through Trump’s 2017 tax cuts, which benefited only the very wealthy, by using a technique that avoided the filibuster.

McConnell warned that, without the filibuster, he would defund Planned Parenthood, pass anti-abortion legislation, and create national concealed-carry gun laws. But all of these measures are quite unpopular in the nation, so it’s not clear that these are threats the Democrats want to avoid. It’s entirely possible that permitting the Republicans to push through those measures would hurt the Republicans, rather than the Democrats.

Democrats are talking about reforming the filibuster because they are keen on passing H.R. 1, the voting rights act that would defang the voter suppression measures Republicans are pushing in 43 states. If those measures become law, it will be hard for the Democrats ever again to win control of the government, no matter how popular they are. H.R. 1 will level the democratic playing field, so both parties compete fairly. But fair elections will disadvantage Republicans, who have come to rely on voter suppression to win. 

Hence McConnell’s threats.

For his part—in a third story I’m watching-- Biden is reaching out to Republicans with an infrastructure package. Republicans were caught wrongfooted when they all voted against the enormously popular American Rescue Plan, and he is offering them an infrastructure bill at the same time Democrats have gotten rid of a ban on so-called “earmarks,” local spending funded in a federal package. Earmarks tend to increase bipartisanship by enabling lawmakers to go home to their constituents with something tangible in hand in exchange for their vote on a bill. Infrastructure spending is popular among voters in both parties, so this approach might break the united front of Republican lawmakers to oppose all Democratic policies.

Finally, I am fascinated by the Democratic-led, bipartisan move among congressional leaders to repeal the 2002 authorization for the Iraq War. President Biden has called for a “more narrow and specific” authorization of military force (AUMF), and 83 Democratic lawmakers and 7 Republicans agree. Their dislike of the AUMF comes from its expansion under former president Trump, who used it to justify the assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani—an official from a country with which we are not at war—saying that Soleimani was undermining efforts to stabilize Iraq’s government. This was an expansion of military action that legal analysts think might well have been illegal.

In the past, Congress had justified AUMFs with the idea that they could control the president by controlling the money behind military actions, but Trump commandeered money to build his wall by declaring a national security emergency, buying time to do what he wished by forcing Democrats to take him to court to stop him. This opened up concerns that the power of the purse was really no power at all if a president chose to undermine it.

The willingness to hand to the president the power to engage us in military action illustrates the dangerous growth of power in the executive branch. I will follow with interest whether Biden’s interest in returning us to the traditional forms of the Constitution extends to reducing the power of the president to assume Congress's role in taking us into war.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Time for Serious Questions


Questions of the Day:


Will ex-president trump try to create another insurrection?


How many Americans will his cult murder to support his insurrection ???


Will he try to install himself as dictator??


Will he take money from foreign powers to fund his insurrection???


Will he run for a House of Representatives seat in 2022 ???


Will he try to become Speaker of the House if the Republicans secure a majority??


More to the point: How can we stop him ????


Is this how the American experiment ends, with a lie??


Where are the men of Honor ???

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Mnuchin Raises Money for trumpwar


Ex-Treasury Secretary Mnuchin flew to most of the Middle Eastern countries on the taxpayer dime in late January. Most of these countries have sovereign wealth funds worth trillions of dollars. 



In addition, so did Kushner, Pompeo and Wolf on earlier trips.


Why ??


Considering the recent insurrection, I suggest the possibility they were selling the idea of supporting the next trump insurrection as a good investment.


To repeat - this crew may be seeking money to support a new trump insurrection.


First thing one does when planning a war is to raise money - lots of money.


It can be a profitable undertaking for the backers. After all, since a new US government will be hospitable to foreign interests, the cost of a few planes and tanks is a pittance.


US corporations routinely show profit increases of hundreds of times the cost of a few 'campaign contributions'. Taking that idea overseas to finance a war against the US government is a natural extension of that idea.


Friday, February 19, 2021

Fairness Doctrine - Stop Fake News Media !!

The new Fairness Doctrine reins in the Fake News !!

The new FCC imposes penalties on media which disseminates false facts it claims are true. 

Finally, fake CNN and MSNBC shut down !!

Here's how it works:

When a party sues a broadcast or online media outlet alleging the broadcast of a fake news item and after the item is judged fake by the court, the FCC shall impose a penalty of $1.0 million for the first offense, $10.0 Million for the second and $100.0 million for the third offense. On the fourth such offense, the FCC shall suspend the license of the guilty party for 6 months. Further suspensions will be at the discretion of the FCC Board.


The new FCC includes online platforms as well as newspapers, radio and television. The money penalties are the same for online platforms as for traditional media. But, instead of suspending a license, the FCC shall cut off access to the internet for offending parties, including Twitter, Face Book and You Tube.

When a party sues an online outlet alleging the posting of a fake news item and after the item is judged fake by the court, the FCC shall impose a penalty on the platform of $1.0 million for the first offense, $10.0 Million for the second and $100.0 million for the third offense. On the fourth such offense, the FCC shall suspend internet access of the guilty party for 6 months. Further suspensions will be at the discretion of the FCC Board.


The old Fairness Doctrine 'required broadcasters to devote some of their airtime to discussing controversial matters of public interest, and to air contrasting views regarding those matters.' [wikipedia]

Media are  '...given wide latitude as to how to provide contrasting views: It could be done through news segments, public affairs shows, or editorials. The doctrine did not require equal time for opposing views but required that contrasting viewpoints be presented...' [wikipedia]

Friday, February 12, 2021

History Has Judged

All the Senators and Representatives who vote to enable trump have been judged. 

The judgment is simply this: They are self-serving cowards who dishonor the Armed Service men and women who have placed themselves in harms way and who have died to protect the Constitution. 

'Jacob Chansley, the face-paint and fur wearing Trump supporter whose images from inside the Capitol came to define the 6 January riots in Washington, is now offering to testify against the president, saying he feels betrayed.' []

Here is the real American patriot:

Saturday, February 6, 2021

UPDATE Stop the Next Insurrection - Use Fairness Doctrine to Force Media to Present Provable facts


Ex-President trump tried to take over the government of the United States using a violent mob.

He WILL try again.

We will be wise to create obstacles to his attempt.

Here is a preliminary action list of obstacles we can create.  

As background, Freedom of Speech under the First Amendment has limits - it is not absolute.

'Categories of speech that are given lesser or no protection by the First Amendment (and therefore may be restricted) include obscenity, fraud, child pornography, speech integral to illegal conduct, speech that incites imminent lawless action, speech that violates intellectual property law, true threats, and commercial speech such as advertising.' 



Stop the Next Insurrection - Use Fairness Doctrine to Force Media to Present Provable facts 

The United States has controlled lies and seditious propaganda using the Fairness Doctrine that ended in 1987. We recognized the role inflammatory propaganda played in the rise of totalitarian governments in Europe; we chose to limit such activities.

'The fairness doctrine of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, was a policy that required the holders of broadcast licenses to both present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was honest, equitable, and balanced.' [] 


Some commentators focus on the equal time component but I prefer to focus on the need to present facts with a penalty of losing access to public media if proven to present lies.

The FCC could take away media rights to publish or broadcast if found guilty of abusing the First Amendment by presenting misinformation as fact. 

IN ADDITION, the fairness doctrine can be extended to social media. The FCC can suspend a company’s access to the internet if found guilty of First Amendment abuse. Even with encryption and the dark web, the FCC can still reduce the volume of abusive content. 


There is no law against domestic terrorism in the United States. []

Law enforcement uses lesser infractions to charge insurrectionists. We should create a federal law to criminalize domestic terrorism.


Some officials who repeat false and unprotected statements receive media exposure; that exposure serves to enforce a false narrative. As a civic duty, media should limit coverage of proven liars and inciters like M. T. Greene.


Ex-President trump may well rely on organized hate groups as foot soldiers in his next insurrection. We must interfere with their activities that may lead to violence. There are hundreds of established hate groups that pose a danger to the peace and stability of the United States. 

List- []

Background []


Police and armed forces in the United States have many far right and racist adherents as members. 

Remove them. []


White supremacists and conspiracy theorists are actively infiltrating state and local GOP organizations. They want to remove moderate members and install their supporters as local elected officials. 

Ex-President trump supports this practice; some of the compromised governments may support the next insurrection.



Inequalities and differing treatments of race, income, wealth, gender and class have increased. Such inequalities are the driving force behind the far right movement. It is not JUST the poor white malcontents - there are real issues. 

Everybody knows this; now is the time to fix it. The future of the American experiment is at risk.


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Are We Evil ?

That's an overly broad questions so I'll narrow it down a bit.

Let's try this: Does the Federal Government of the United States adopt policies with evil effects?

Well that question requires a definition of what are evil effects. After all, how can we sort out all the policies with real world effects into evil effects and good effects?

And, since the USA probably has thousands of individual policies, some of them may very well have evil effects - policies that actively harm people.

And, of course, some policies that are good for the country may harm individual people. All we can ask is that the policy designer has considered the trade offs before implementing the policy.

We need a sorting mechanism to separate any policies with evil effects from the policies with good effects. 

Luckily we can draw on the experience at Nuremburg trials of Nazi's after WW II. 

Captain G. M. Gilbert, US Army psychologist was assigned to watching the Nazi defendants at the Nuremberg Trails. 

"In my work with the defendants (at the Nuremberg Trials 1945-1949) I was searching for the nature of evil, and now I think I have come close to defining it. A lack of empathy. It's the one characteristic that connects all the defendants, a genuine incapacity to feel with their fellow men. Evil, I think, is the absence of empathy."


If he is right, then it is likely that policies created with no concern for the effects of the policy on Americans or other people can be considered evil.

I think we prefer that United States governmental polices are designed with empathy for the people affected by the policy.

Monday, February 1, 2021


 Let us be clear - we live in a Democracy wherein the government derives its powers from the consent of the governed.


If you choose violence to prevent that, you are a traitor committing treason.


The universal punishment for treason is death.


Those who commit violence, encourage violence, justify violence or incite violence are traitors.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Anger Junkies Create Terror

We are looking at right wing terrorists and activists the wrong way, IMHO. 

Perhaps we can consider them as anger junkies - they need a fix of anger-inducing speech to fill an emotional void. 

We can moderate their behavior by looking at their emotional reactions to external stimuli, especially false, albeit inflammatory, statements from right wing media.

Animal and human bodies react to perceived threats with several documented changes. 

See: []. 

And: []

When humans have an emotional lack in their lives, some fill that void with drugs and artificial stimuli that create increased metabolic activity. 

A person with no hope can be stimulated to feeling strong and angry about a person or institution with inflammatory rhetoric whether the speech is false or true. Sometimes groups of people react to anger stimulating rhetoric with violent actions. They are impervious to logic or rationality while in that state. 

Unscrupulous actors can create mobs of angry and physiologically stimulated people. The mob can be directed in whatever direction the actor chooses. 

It is likely that actors like Putin and trump use that physiologic response to create division and chaos in the United States of America. They use lies and falsehoods to create anger and violence in their followers. 

The goal is to profit financially from the chaos and division they create. It seems they play the emotions of marginalized people like a violin. 

Our goal should be to prevent falsehoods from airing on broadcast media. When people hear fewer anger inducing lies, they are less likely to use violence. 

We created the FCC Fairness Doctrine in 1949 to prevent lies on broadcast media platforms but we canceled it in 1987. We should restore the Fairness Doctrine. 

It will help by reducing the volume of anger inducing falsehoods in FOX and other broadcast networks. Social media can ban groups which post falsehoods. 

Sunday, January 24, 2021


 I approach fourscore years, imminently.

Threescore years I spent as infantry in the war of ideas about economic systems. 

Of the two competing systems, both have failed.

The Planned/Socialist/Communist system failed without markets; it devolved into a corrupt authoritarian kleptocracy.

The free market with regulation system failed from internal corruption; in the US, the system may yet fail totally into an authoritarian kleptocracy.

Both systems failed to work for average people. 

US protests from Women, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, marginalized workers and Far Right terrorists have delivered the same message: 

Fix it.

Will you hear the message???