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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Iowa Lessons - 2

Good Washington Post article on campaign strategy here

Hillary needs to go after the independents and younger voters as well as the core of older women.

What to do: my answer is the same as before.

1. Admit learning from Iowa that the country wants CHANGE. Very strongly.

"I know you voters need to hear that your candidate will make changes. Maybe I was not clear enough in Iowa. Make no mistake: I will deliver real change in Washington, not just promises. That's what this campaign has always been about. Republicans have taken our country in the wrong direction and I will put it back in the right direction."

2. Question Obama's ability to DELIVER change while acknowledging his oratorical ability to beg for it:

"Remember, folks, that the devil is in the details. I know from experience that it's easy to call for change with an inspiring speech. But, to use a mechanic's metaphor, it is entirely different to break out the wrenches, take off the valve covers and head gaskets and see which valves are burnt. That's hard work.

I am not here because I want to do the easy things. I am here because I want to do the hard things."

Also question Edward's abilities similarly:

"And, it's easy to complain about corporations and demand that they be stopped, but it's another thing entirely to fight them head on and win the battle."

3. Choose major themes of change and give a detailed, five minute breakdown on at least three at each speech.

"Here's some things that are broken in health care and how I will fix them:

Here are some things that are broken in the law making process and how I will fix them:

Here are some things that are broken in environmental regulation and how I will fix them:

Here are some things that are broken in the weapons procurement program and how I will fix them:"

4. Stem winding close:

"If you want empty promises of a bright. shiny future, I am not your woman. But, if you want real change that will make your daily life better.....if you want real change that will make your family healthier, if you want real change that will take power away from Halliburton and the oil companies, if you want real change that will GIVE OUR COUNTRY BACK TO US. Then I....AM....YOUR....WOMAN"

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Iowa Lessons

Watched Iowa on MSNBC in a room with about 40 other Dems of varying loyalties.

My take on the results: Obama and Edwards tap into the need for an about face from BushCo.

Wrongly, Hillary may be seen as status quo.

So, explicitly acknowledge Iowa lessons of need for new direction for country.

Then, state a message of campaign refocus of existing themes to identify the new direction clearly.

Last, list the changes that will be coming:

Health care for all

Enforce environmental regs

Clean up elections

Competitive bidding for all contracts.

etc., etc.,

...................It ain't over.