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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Russia Winning

In case you are wondering how it is possible for Russia under Putin to control the Policy of the United States of America, consider the experience of several countries in Eastern Europe in the aftermath of World War 2.

Russia's problem was that it had to control the policies of several countries whose population hated Russians and were willing to die to kill Russians.

So, the old KGB under Stalin and Kruschev figured out a way to manage those countries so that their actions supported Russian aims.

The way they chose did NOT require vast commitments of troops and armed forces; that was the obvious choice, but everyone was really tired of vast armies and global war.

The first thing the KGB did was to identify the policies they wanted each country to follow. In no particular order, those policies were to support the Russian army and to install a Socialist and/or Communist regime with a puppet dictator who could be controlled.

Once the puppet was installed, then any potential leaders who might cause trouble in the future were identified and eliminated. They might have been killed or neutralized, it did not matter which so long as they were rendered incapable of creating any future discontent. If those leaders happened to have armed supporters, the puppet government was tasked with neutralizing them.

The Russians always kept in reserve something the puppet was willing to kill for. If the puppet showed any signs of supporting the rebels, he was ordered to eliminate the threat under penalty of losing whatever the Russians held, whether that was money or the threat to kill him and his family.

This was Empire on the cheap and it worked for a long time.

[For details see EASTERN EUROPE SINCE 1945, Geoffrey Swain and Nigel Smith, St. Martins Press, New York, 1993; ISBN 0-312-09086-2]

Fast forward to 2017.

The objective is the same - Russia wants to control another country's [the United States of America] policies without outright war.

The goals of that control is to destabilize NATO, eliminate United States pressure on Russian economy due to sanctions, weaken democracy overall and to take over Ukraine.

Now, there are cyber weapons which Russia can deploy to support those objectives - no shooting!!

After trump wins the election, due in part to cyber warfare against Hillary Clinton, trump is made aware of his obligations due to his support by Putin. If he fails to follow Russian control, the money will stop and the treason will be exposed to the world.

The first step is to install Tillerson as Secretary of State. trump does not know him but Putin does. Tillerson's first act is to fire all the diplomats who have been coordinating pressure on Russia under NATO with the economic sanctions from Ukraine and missile deployments.

The next step is to purge all American officials who might reveal the extent of trump corruption; pretty much anyone who was investigating the Russia connection is fired or resigns, including sitting congress persons.

Every Russia investigation to date [May 10, 2017] is dead, stalled or the leaders have resigned.

While this may appear fanciful and hyperbolic, it does mimic a 60 year history of Russian intervention in foreign countries.

American patriots wish for an independent investigation that will show exactly the extent of Russian interference in United States policies and governance.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Will Putin Fire trump?

Will Putin fire trump?

The investigation into trump's treasonous activity on behalf of Russia still continues, even though several key players in that investigation have been fired or have recused themselves.

Comey, Yates, Sessions, etc., etc., etc.

We are witnessing a Soviet-style purge of American officials similar to the methodology used by Russia under Stalin to control its Eastern European satellites in the 1950's. The KGB playbook is limited but has been effective previously.

Now we see it again.

trump is traveling to the East and has announced a meeting with Putin.

The remaining question is this: Has Putin lost patience with trump?

Sadly, this seems to be the fate of the United States of America. Namely, we are now a Russian satellite.

trump will get his marching orders from Putin.

Will he let trump stay or will he fire him?

Stay tuned.