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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Patriotic Rich Guys!

Hey Barry,

There are actually some rich guys who want to pay more taxes!

Land O' Goshen!

They even have a web site:

Wonders will never cease, huh Barry.

Your pal,

Healthcare - 2

Hey Barry, the insurance is literally killin us. 100,000 folks a year die from mistakes in hospitals and the insurance lobby won't even let us talk about it. Thas as many as die in car wrecks, Barry.

You can read it here:

What the hell, Barry.

Here's a plan for rallies bout health: at every rally there are two folks with a dead relative or big injury caused by the insurance. They each gets five minutes at the front.

Then the free market Nazis can rant all they want. Aint nobody gonna listen to em after that.

Your pal,

Stackin Up

So, Barry, you's all dyin to know how you stack up in the popularity polls conducted by yours truly, right?

What I did was to make a you tube video in two parts bout the conomy. Then, I posted it with three different titles: from me, as an answer to Ron Paul and about you - Obama.

Same videos, three different titles.

Naturally I comes in dead last, by a lot: total views 77 with a five star rating.

But, Barry, you's in second - behind Ron Paul by a lot. Holy cow.

Anyways, you totals 114 views with a five star rating.

Ron Paul, well he scores 524 views with a two star rating.

Them econs of yours better git on the ball Barry, we can't have you trailing Ron Paul. That's jes horrible. Ya gotta get some traction on the conomy. We needs it.

Your pal,