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Saturday, July 17, 2010

John Winthrop - 1630

Hey Barry:

Here's where we from:

"Now the only way to...provide for our posterity is to follow the counsel of Micah: 'to do Justly, to walk humbly with our God.'

For this end, we must be knit together in this work as one man. We must entertain each other in brotherly affection. We must be willing to abridge our selves of our superfluities, for the supply of others' necessities."


Your pal,

'The man who dies rich dies disgraced.' Andrew Carnegie

Hey Barry;

The good ol U S of A has a history of levellin the playin field by taxin rich folks so's they don become heriditary plutocracy.

Cep now we dont.

What happened anyways?

Here Rutherford Hayes on how much is enough from January 22, 1886:

"...We ought not to allow a permanent aristocracy of inherited wealth to grow up in our country. How would it answer to limit the amount that could be left to any one person by will or otherwise? What should be the limit? Let no one receive from another more than the law gives to the chief justice, to the general of the Army, or to the president of the Senate. Let the income of the property transmitted equal this, say $10,000 to $20,000. If after distributing on this principal there remains undistributed part of the estate, let it go to the public. The object is to secure a distribution of great estates to prevent accumulation.'

Not sure how much income that $10,000 is today, but it sure aint no millions or billions. If memory serves, the President - thas you - makes bout $500,000 per year.

Your pal,

Why Rich Folks Bad - Part 4

Hey Barry:

Who are the American rich anyways?

Y'all can buy a mailing list of them for less than 10c per name, but Ima too broke to do that.

Here's the link:

Instead I'll go with a list of the top 100 names in 2004 from Forbes an y'all kin get all 400 here:

Now the thang is: they all got a lot richer since 2004. Rest of us was gettin poorer, but dese guys got a lot richer.

Here's the question: How rich is enough in the USA?

One billion? Ten Billion? One hundred Billion?

Ima thinkin that the answer is this: Y'all too rich if you can buy a law from the US congress.

I don know the price since I never bought a law, so Ima gonna guess that anything above one billion is rich enuf to buy a law. That's jes too rich for the U S of A.

At some place, yo cross from being a person inta being a country.

Anyways, here's the list from Forbes in 2004:

Rank Name Net Worth ($mil)

1 Gates, William Henry 48,000
2 Buffett, Warren Edward 41,000
3 Allen, Paul Gardner 20,000
4 Walton, Alice L 18,000
4 Walton, Helen R 18,000
4 Walton, Jim C 18,000
4 Walton, John T 18,000
4 Walton, S Robson 18,000
9 Dell, Michael 14,200
10 Ellison, Lawrence Josep 13,700
11 Ballmer, Steven Anthony 12,600
12 Johnson, Abigail 12,000
13 Anthony, Barbara Cox 11,300
13 Chambers, Anne Cox 11,300
15 Kluge, John Werner 11,000
16 Omidyar, Pierre M 10,400
17 Mars, Forrest Edward Jr 10,000
17 Mars, Jacqueline 10,000
17 Mars, John Franklyn 10,000
20 Redstone, Sumner M 8,100
21 Icahn, Carl 7,600
22 Knight, Philip H 7,400
23 Ergen, Charles 7,300
24 Soros, George 7,200
25 Newhouse, Donald Edward 7,000
25 Newhouse, Samuel Irving 7,000
27 Murdoch, Keith Rupert 6,900
28 Broad, Eli 6,000
28 Johnson, Edward Crosby 6,000
30 Davis, Marvin H 5,800
30 Kerkorian, Kirk 5,800
32 Arison, Micky 5,300
33 Anschutz, Philip F 5,200
34 Bloomberg, Michael Rube 5,000
34 Warner, H Ty 5,000
36 Abele, John E 4,500
37 Geffen, David 4,400
38 Bezos, Jeffrey P 4,300
38 Bren, Donald L 4,300
40 Duncan, Dan L 4,200
40 Perelman, Ronald Owen 4,200
40 Perot, Henry Ross & fami4,200
43 Brin, Sergey 4,000
43 Kaiser, George B 4,000
43 Koch, Charles De Ganahl 4,000
43 Koch, David Hamilton 4,000
43 Page, Larry E 4,000
43 Wrigley, William Jr 4,000
49 Moore, Gordon Earle 3,800
49 Nicholas, Peter M 3,800
51 Menard, John R Jr 3,700
51 Sorenson, James L 3,700
53 Crown, Lester & family 3,600
54 Rowling, Robert 3,500
55 Cook, William Alfred 3,200
55 Goodnight, James 3,200
55 Lauder, Leonard Alan 3,200
55 Taylor, Jack Crawford 3,200
59 Greenberg, Maurice Raymo3,100
60 Adelson, Sheldon 3,000
60 DeVos, Richard M 3,000
60 Kroenke, Ann Walton 3,000
60 Lucas, George 3,000
60 Tisch, Preston Robert 3,000
65 Bass, Robert Muse 2,900
65 Van Andel, Jay 2,900
65 Wexner, Leslie Herbert 2,900
68 Davidson, William Morse 2,800
68 Hillman, Henry Lea 2,800
68 Laurie, Nancy Walton 2,800
68 Schwab, Charles R 2,800
72 Lauren, Ralph 2,700
72 Perenchio, A Jerrold 2,700
74 Filo, David 2,600
74 Jobs, Steven Paul 2,600
74 Johnson, Barbara Piaseck2,600
74 Spielberg, Steven Allen 2,600
74 Trump, Donald John 2,600
79 Bronfman, Edgar M Sr 2,500
79 Hughes, Bradley Wayne 2,500
79 Ingram, Martha R & famil2,500
79 Johnson, Charles Bartlet2,500
79 Rockefeller, David Sr 2,500
79 Schulze, Richard M 2,500
79 Simons, James H 2,500
79 Stern, Leonard Norman 2,500
87 Bechtel, Riley P 2,400
87 Bechtel, Stephen Davison2,400
87 Blavatnik, Leonard 2,400
87 Udvar-Hazy, Steven 2,400
87 Zell, Samuel 2,400
92 Burkle, Ronald 2,300
92 Hunt, Ray Lee 2,300
92 Huntsman, Jon Meade 2,300
92 Pohlad, Carl 2,300
92 Simplot, John Richard & 2,300
97 Butt, Charles C 2,200
97 Helmsley, Leona Mindyl 2,200
97 Saban, Haim 2,200
97 Spangler, Clemmie Dixon 2,200

Your pal,

Friday, July 16, 2010

Video: Free Trade Doesn't Work

Hey Barry:

We gotta give this some serious time; here's Ian Fletcher:

"This is me on TV this morning (video dead until about minute 8 for some reason):


Your pal,

Bank Regs Passed - Huzzah!

Hey Barry:

Y'all got the bank bill passed. Its a good thing.

Congrats to you and Dodd an all you folks there.

Lotta work to do, but the ship is turning.

Your pal,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Meg Whitman - Why Rich Folks Bad - Part 3

Hi Meg:

This is for you. Seems I gotta write to y'all since y'all won talk ta any real folks. I be happy ta talk with y'all anytime and anyplace in public an on the record. Y'all is tryin to buy my state and I aint happy bout it.

Ima fourth generation Californian an y'all be very bad for our state. Please give up now an save yo money. Go run for President of Haiti where dey needs yo money for da campaign jobs. Save us here da grief.

Read my Billionaires Givin Back down below here - y'all git the idea.

Ima happy for y'all dat ya gotta lot of cash. But dat don mean that ya knows any ting worth knowin.

Here's my tax plan fo y'all: put an estate tax on ya now, leave y'all wid a lot of money, say ten mill or so. Tax da rest and put it inta the California budget.

Das the best y'all kin do for us.

We need lotta jobs an your job creation plan is standard Rep BS; it aint gonna work, an here's why:

From your web: "Meg will create 2 million new private-sector jobs by 2015...offer job-creating tax cuts to put Californians back to work"

Yo is jes flat wrong. Ifn y'all cuts taxes on bidness the owners gonna buy a yacht or buy a Swiss villa wid the extra cash - they aint gonna hire sumbuddy jest cause they gots mo money. Bidness hires people when the bidness is sellin lotta stuff and the people thay have caint handle the bidness.

Yo plan will KILL jobs in California.

Here how to git jobs in California: tax 90% of all incomes over one mill per year, tax all estates over ten mill an put the cash inta the budget for schools and poor folks.

Then let unions organize for higher wages, put a tariff on imports and get da bidness community to xpand now.

Dey will xpand when dey knows the folks like me is gonna have mo money ta spend and when they knows that Chinese crap will cost the same as our crap.

Dat da way to get jobs here.

Itsa bad thang when y'all got so much money that yo descendents to lebenty seven generation will never have to work. Thas a Royalty and that aint Amercian.

Be an American Meg - do da right thang.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Why Rich Folks Bad - Part 2

Hey Barry:

I understand if'n y'all sayin that rich folks caint be all that. After all, our rich folks is Americans aint they?

Well Ima gonna show y'all a video bout wot can happen ifn rich folks kin do wot they wants.

Yo gotta be warned Barry, do NOT watch this video if'n yo sensitive or under 16 years old - do NOT show this to your kids.

Here da link:

Basic point is this: If Ima rich and steals sumthin an ifn y'all calls me out, yo gonna die nine months slow and painful and knee deep in raw sewage. Go head an scream - aint nobody gonna pay yo no mind.

Keep it in mind, Barry.

Your pal,

Why Rich Folks Bad - Part 1

Hey Barry:

So, Ima sayin that rich folks is a problem for the good ol U S of A.

Don mean that I wanna off 'em - I aint no Mao Tse Tung.

But, when sumbuddy gets too much money, they hire all these folks ta keep them rich. Its wot I'd do ifn I get rich. An, cuz they rich, they get real good people to help them stay rich.

An part of what those people do is to work on laws to help the rich families stay rich. An, since aint nobody payin folks to keep them from stealin from me, they gonna steal from me.

Here's xample from the water wars in California:

Jes nuther case of rich stealin from poor folks.

So Barry, y'all gonna ask why the govment caint take care da problem.

Well Barry, the govment aint gonna take care the problem cuz the rich folks gonna buy the govment. Duh.

Seems that big fortunes jes keep gettin bigger - even after the riginal founder is long dead. Them people he hired are real good an they keep the fortune growin even tho the founder in da ground.

An that's an effin royalty, Barry. It aint the American way. If I gotta live in a kingdom, think I'll move to Europe where at least they got some castles to look at.

So Barry - where are y'all on this anyways?

Your pal,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fraidy Cat Bidness

Hey Barry:

So, question is dis: where da jobs?

Here da answer: dere is zero jobs cause bidness sittin on they hands.

Bidness gots losta plans to build, but they fraid if they do sumthin, the bogey man gonna git em, or sumthin.

Read it here:

I bin rantin on two ways ta get jobs: unions and tariffs. Here nother way to get me more money sos I kin buy more stuff - get them bidnesses to expand. When dey expand, we get jobs and we can buy stuff. Simple.

Besides all dat, now's a real good time for bidness ta move cuz the fed's givin away free money. Imagine dat. Free money.

And, if'n they dont expand, then we gonna have ta raise wages with unions and put on tariffs. Bidness wont like dat. Course we gonna do dat anyways, but don tell them.

Whattya say Barry, go head and jawbone them bidnesses to expand.

We needs it.

Your pal,

Cryin for The Troops

Hey Barry:

Thanks for helpin our men an women get help when they needs it.

Read it here:

We send a kid to harm's way, we gotta take care dat kid.

Is the right thing.

Your pal,