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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chrissy, Chrissy

Hey Barry

Ya know I hates ta rag on a girl, but I reckon she's out there speaking for ya'll, and so it's gotta be fair game.

Looks like she said some things bout jobs an all.

Ya can read it here:

Well, is all good that ya'll lookin at the problem, but Holy Cow - what the heck, anyways?

I is well concerned bout jobs cuz I needs one, so I pays attention to folks talking bout a job for me.

So Ima readin along in Chrissy's piece an Ima getting worried cuz I don see no job for me in there.

So, Chrissy, pay attention here cuz ya'll should know this: business folks don't hire people to save on taxes. They hire people cuz the folks they already got can NOT handle the business they is gettin. Thas when they hire - when they is getting lots and lots of sales and they'll lose a bunch of sales if'n they don get some more people.

And, don fugit that sales come when folks like me has money ta spend. An right now I got no money ta spend.

So, how ya'll gonna get folks like me more money ta spend, thas the question. Taxes is NOT the issue.

An I said it before, ya gots only two ways ta do that:

1. Raise wages - let them unions get organized;

2. Make a tariff on Chinese crap so's we can make our own crap and pay folks here ta make it. [OK, so's a tariff is a tax - it's OK ta call me a liar, but please pay attention]

Chrissy, one more thing, I reads bout econ a little and I always see lots of numbers in econ talk. But, they is zero numbers in your piece an it makes me nervous - don't it make you nervous?

Your pal,