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Friday, November 11, 2016

Transition Stupidity

Hey trump:

You're being stupid in your transition.

Just too greedy and too obvious.

You're selling out the country.

You're gonna create a backlash that will tie you up in lawsuits and ruin your re-election chances.

Michael Moore already wants all the Democrat Congress men and women to filibuster you at every turn and to sue you and investigate you for any illegal conflicts of interest.

He will try to stop every action you and Congress take in your first ten days.

Here is a background article:

Wise up trump.


Hey trump, Wanna Get Richer?

Hey trump:

I will write to you occasionally on this blog.

You will want to read it.

If you read it and pay attention you will get re-elected!

And, if you get re-elected you can get even richer!

Imagine that, you can continue profiting for 8 [eight] years instead of just 4 [four].

It is a bummer that you might be tossed aside after four years, just when you're learning how to use the office to make money.

Pay attention to me and I will help you.

Now that I have your attention, there is something I have to get out of the way, before I go on to the good stuff.

Here it is:

## I think you are a bad person.

## You place your fortune above any other interests.

## You treat women badly.

## You encourage violence by your fans toward protestors and minorities; that is un-American.

## You have complained about our right as Americans to criticize you. Americans have the right of free speech, especially the Press. It is our JOB to complain about the President.

## You have raped children violently. By the way, if you go to prison, you will be killed. Criminals hate men who rape children.

## You are a deadbeat who routinely skates on his bills.

## You are a con-man and a fraud who says whatever he needs to say to get the money and then disappears.

## You know nothing about economics and will blindly harm the country if you think you can make a profit.

## You have committed treason by taking money from Russians and other foreigners for your campaign.

## You do not deserve a capital letter for your name, trump. The only thing you will ever get from me is a capital letter and that will only happen when you demonstrate that you place the country above your fortune.

I can go on, but you have the idea.

Now, here's why I will help you get even richer.

There are some things that you can do that will help you get richer and ALSO help the country.

Imagine that! A win-win!

But, there are a number of things you will be tempted to do that will ensure that you do not get re-elected and will also harm the country

I will try to call you out on them, but there so many that I might miss a few. Check with Bernie and Pocahontas if you have any doubts.

Here is one thing you have to watch out for; it will come from the Republican Party:

Conservative economic theory DOES NOT WORK!

It makes middle class folks poorer and then they can't buy things from rich folks, like you.

It seems to be working in that there are a lot of rich people right now.

But, their fortunes depend on their selling real products like steaks and shirts.

When average people can't buy stuff, then rich folks will be in danger.

Paul Ryan's economic plan embodies all the wrong ideas. It would bankrupt the country and that would hurt you. Stay away from it.

There is an easy reading book I wrote which shows you how to fix many economic issues. You can buy it here for $0.99, but I will send you a free copy if you are too cheap to buy it:

Here are the things you have said that will help you get re-elected, from Pocahontas:

You '...criticized Wall Street and big money’s dominance in Washington-straight up...' To follow up on that, you have to do some hard things. If you do them, you will make more money.

Here's one of them: You'...supported a new Glass-Steagall...' That is a good idea that banks hate. It would take away their right to buy and sell stocks and insurance, but it will get you re-elected and also help the country. When you do that, people will think you care about them and they will re-elect you.

Here's another: You '...spoke of the need to reform our trade deals so they aren’t raw deals for the American people...' When you do that, people will re-elect you. And, you can do it without upsetting our trade partners. After all, all you need is to stop our negative trade balance. That is hurting our economy. Most trade deals have a provision that a country in distress can protect itself.

Another: You '...said [you] will not cut Social Security benefits...' Make that deal and keep the program under government control and all the seniors will vote for you in 2020.

And, you '...spoke of the urgency of rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure and putting people back to work...' A win-win!

And, you'...talked about the need to address the rising cost of college...' When you fix that and ALSO fix the student debt issue, the country will do better and you will be re-elected.

Ditto for child care costs.

So trump, there is your road map to success and re-election riches.

I will be on you for any stupidities.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

America Shamed, trumped

America was founded on a shared set of values including compassion, dignity, respect for law and the Constitution, honor in negotiations and the peaceful resolution of disputes wherever possible.

Now we have a President who has rejected explicitly each of our core values.

His rejection will lead to severe consequences in the very near future.

Here's what we will see in 2017:


Massive recession caused by bankers within 2 years will raise unemployment to 2008 levels of 8% - 10% or higher from its current level of less than 5%. Home foreclosures will also rise to 2008 levels. We are currently at or near the Holy Grail of economic policy - Full Employment equilibrium. The probability of this Recession is 100% due to Trump's actions of eliminating bank regulations and the fact that the same people who caused the 2008 Recession are still controlling our banking system.

A diversion will be that the interest rate we must pay on T-Bills will rise due to Trump's threat to renegotiate our national debt. The extra interest we must pay to borrow will further destabilize out Federal national budget and threaten both Social Security and Medicare.


American troops will engage in at least one ground war and perhaps two within 2 years of his taking the Oath. The wars will be in the Middle East and Eastern Europe or the South China Sea. We will fight Russia in Syria and perhaps Europe if our NATO Allies are invaded by Putin. We are also likely to fight China over territorial claims in the South China Sea. Our enemies will take actions due to Trump's perceived naiveté and over reaction to provocations designed to test his character. Every new president faces these tests from foreign governments; Trump will overreact.


Calls to privatize Social Security will lead to reconsideration of that question. Additional pressure will be provided by the interest rate increases we face due to Trump's threat as discussed above. The resulting impact on the Federal budget will lead to calls to eliminate Social Security from the Budget. Or, at the least, Social Security pensions will be reduced. If successful, this will result in massive poverty and misery among the elderly.


Initiatives to manage health care costs will be reversed leading to massive cost increases and private insurance companies reaping record profits at the expense of the ill among us.


Trump's administration will attempt to reduce federal funding to all levels of education and all student aid programs. If successful this program will cripple our national ability for economic growth by stifling new research and invention.


Taxes will be reduced on the wealthy. The resulting budget deficit increase will result in calls for cutting for reducing payments through the Social Security system.


Any such devaluation will make our economy even more precarious since the cost of our imports would skyrocket. Additionally, the real value of dollar denominated savings will plummet. There is already a massive overhang of dollars in world markets and any action to reduce the value of dollar denominated assets - like T-Bills - will increase pressure on the dollar. Additionally, the BRIC's are looking to form an alternative payment system for oil and any success in that effort will lead to further dollar pressure.