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Friday, April 5, 2013

Your Daughter is My Slave - and I WILL Abuse Her

Barry, My Liege :

It is critical to the National Economic Security of the United States that our Middle Class is easy to enter. For if our Middle Class is difficult to enter, then our future is dark.

The future is dark because there will be fewer and fewer among us who can afford the small luxury of casting around for ideas and experience apart from the normal grind of working, sleeping and eating. When we look at the Baby Boom generation, we notice that they had ample time to explore and make stupid mistakes without fear of the consequences.

From that exploration came our vast economic growth and its associated new technologies and inventions.

It is different today.

Most students must borrow in order to stay in university. This is different than the earlier generation largely because of state cuts to higher education which began in the 1980's [].

When students borrow, they graduate with a big debt load which they cannot refinance, pay off easily since there are few jobs and which they cannot escape through bankruptcy.

It is a generation of indentured servants.

These young people are our future and we are locking them into a life of drudgery. ' The Federal Reserve ... estimates that nearly 18 percent of borrowers now have student loan debts of $25,000 to $50,000, and nearly 4 percent have balances greater than $100,000.' [loc cit]

It is bad enough that we damage the future of our students, but it is also a Terrorist act since it helps destroy our country's future for a few decimal points of extra profit percentage by Bankers.

We pray for relief, My Liege, and we grieve.

Your faithful servant,