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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Trash Talkin the Reps

Hey Barry:

Been thinking about what exactly the Reps want. Not an easy question, but I have an idea.

Here it is: The Reps is playing a game. They want to score points with voters and win elections. If they win, then the team owners - da BILLIONAIRES - will give them a ribbon.

They score points by sayin stuff that voters seem to like. Of course they don't believe a word of what they say - they are just actors for hire playing a part.

The BILLIONAIRE owners have a clear vision of the end game: each one gets a government guaranteed monopoly on some critical product or service and the employees work for less than minimum wage. The Rep employees will create laws and policies that will give the BILLIONAIRES those things when they win power.

The Reps practice their chops all the time, after all they need lots of work to be able to say their lines convincingly.

So, Barry, you a player. Do what do you do in a game: y'all trash talks the opposition to take away their concentration. Take away their focus and you win. The team wins which has the most focus.

Should be real easy to mess up the Reps focus because all of what they say makes zero sense in the real world. Jes call them on it, point by point.

Here are some areas to trash talk the Reps:

JOBS - Reps dont know jack about jobs. All they know is that the owner BILLIONAIRES tell them to say that cutting taxes creates jobs. It does not - it just makes the owners richer.

NATIONAL SECURITY - Reps think that means to give BILLIONAIRES more favors. Any time you do something to help real people in the country, the Reps is gonna holler about 'National Security'.

FREEDOM - When they talk about Freedom, Reps mean that there should be no government interference in the markets. Let the owners do whatever they want, then the owners will be FREE. Free to pay less than minimum wage is about as far as that argument goes.

FREE MARKETS - See Freedom above. The classical economic theory of 'laissez faire, laissez passer' was thoroughly deconstructed by Keynes. But, it still hangs around because the owners like the idea.

I am sure you have the idea here. Remember that as soon as you call the Reps on any one of their talking points they will just make up another one, so y'all need to be nimble. Call em on each and every one of their lines. Make em explain each idea.

Underlying point here is this: there will be zero bipartisanship on areas of national interest as long as the Rep owners think the Reps can score points with voters by saying their lines.

Your pal,