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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Free Trade Doesn't Work

Hey Barry:

Ya gotta get them econs of yours to read this new book - I been sayin that we needs a tariff to get some jobs and make some of our own stuff in the USA.

Well, this here book says it all - I read this book and Ima recommendin it to y'all. Here's the link to the website.

I even wrote a review on Amazon - here tis:

I had the pleasure of reading some of FREE TRADE DOESN'T WORK and discussing it with Ian Fletcher in the pre publication form. One of my interests for years has been the flawed theory of trade used to justify the free trade mantra and some of the real world effects that belief has brought.

Mr. Fletcher has brilliantly addressed both the theoretical flaws and the real world problems brought by Free Trade in the current published form of his new book. This book is a must read for policy makers in every country, especially the USA. Its arguments will set the tone for national economic policy for years to come.

Mr. Fletcher has combined sound economic theory with real world readability - an unusual feat for which he is to be congratulated.

This book has my wholehearted endorsement for any person interested in the subject - especially those who still believe in Free Trade as the best policy.

Mike P. McKeever January 25, 2010

Your pal,

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What We Gonna Do?

Hey Barry,

Had Chinese last night with some shirtail relations and the talk was bout, hol on, wait for was bout YOU, an where is we all goin anyways.

Anyways they's all askin me what do I think - or mebbe they didn't xactly ask, but anyways I had some ideas and Ima givin em to y'all free for the readin. Wotta deal.

1. Health Surance - here's what we wants Barry: We want the French system. Ya gets a card with a chip and ya takes the card to the doctor an he runs it through a little scanner jes like a credit card scanner an the scanner shows the doc your history and your condition. No asistants keeping no surance files, no huge files in the back room and no forms. No muss, no fuss an no bother.

Best part is this: ain't no surance CEO's makin no $10 mil per month for doin nuthin.

Y'all is lookin crookeder an crookeder as the surance weasels chip away at what we want. Them surance companies gotta go.

2. Taxes - OK Barry, here's the deal. We is on track to become an effin royalty and that jes aint the American way. Period.

Gotta do away with them princes.

Les take Bill Gates. Now, he's got more money then God an his kids and grankids are gonna be set for life. Top of that, he is gonna take care of all Africa's kids all by his little lonesome.

Holy cow.

That ain't America. Bill Gates is named xactly right - he steals or buys stuff for his company, then he puts up a gate and anytime y'all wants to do something on a computer ya gotta pay Bill a tax to do it. Then after ya pays the tax and go through the gate, the stuff you want don work anyways. Besides that he stole all the ideas from Steve Jobs.

We gotta fix the system that lets him an others get so rich they is beyond any American power. Jes aint right.

So, y'all gotta up the income tax so's it takes 80% of the income beyond a point and y'all gotta install a death tax so's we don get no more princes.

Besides, mebbe those taxes can pay for the stuff we need - like healthcare for Americans as well as Africans.

3. Banks - Well, Barry, jes read below to see where I am on that one. Keep on em.

4. Jobs and deficits: here's the deal - we aint gonna reduce the deficit until folks has real jobs and pays taxes. This here ain't rocket science, Barry. Last year y'all bet that we can grow our jobs and get outta the mess. If'n you lose the bet, we is done.

OK, now's the time to pony up. Here's what ya gotta do:

First - raise our wages so we can buy stuff. Let them unions organize and strike. It's what we need.

Second, put up a tariff on imports. It's time to do that. We gotta get some manufacturing back here from China and other places - we needs them jobs here. Its jes insane when a job posting for a small company gets 400 - thas right: 400 - resumes.

What the hell.

Itsa big job, Barry, keep on it. Don be so nice to the Reps that they kills the right things to do. Everybody knows they is bettin y'all fail. Trouble is this, if'n y'all fail, we fail as the good ol USA.

Go head an call em on it - they is not helpin the USA - they is only helpin themselves.

Aint no secrets there Barry. We is with ya, but some's got more patience than others. Some's real disappointed, Barry.

Your pal,

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Davos: Feelin the Love

Hey Barry:

Banks are feelin us, read the WSJ here:

Here's what Sarkozy said: "There is indecent behavior that will no longer be tolerated by public opinion in any country of the world," Mr. Sarkozy told the conference. "That those who create jobs and wealth may earn a lot of money is not shocking. But that those who contribute to destroying jobs and wealth also earn a lot of money is morally indefensible," Mr. Sarkozy said.

Itsa a good first step, but we gotta long way to go.

Keep on em Barry, we needs ya.

Your pal,