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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Who's Gonna Make the Loans?

Hey Barry:

So your banker plan leaves them guys with lending, selling stocks and insurance.

OK, I hears you put in a strict regulation that they have to prove they won't go belly up.

But, here's the thing: Who's gonna make loans?

Met a laid off banker veep the other day. Wanna know how she pays the rent now?

She sells partnerships in commercial real estate loans. That's right, she makes the loans the bankers are too busy to make.

We need the loans and we want you to regulate them. But, how's that gonna happen if bankers are too busy with insurance and stocks to diddle with loans?

Am I gonna have to set up a deal with three doctors and a drug dealer to buy a five year old Honda? What the hell.

It's a real question Barry - take a look.

Your pal,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Banks on Fire

Hey Barry:

Good on ya for the bank plan. Here's the link:

Man, I thought it was never gonna get here.

Couple things, though.

First off, ya gonna want the guys who buy bank stocks watching them banks like hawks. But, Barry, ya got no disclosures in your plan.

Right now, them bankers are like vampires - they only show up in the dark. Ain't good enuf, Barry. Ya gotta shine the lights.

AND, ya gotta watch them bank lobbyists in DC - they'll gut your plans if you let 'em. So, keep on it Barry, or else we'll be here again in couple years.

Don't give an inch - ya gotta be in front drivin on this one. Ya can't just sit in the back seat.

We're countin on ya.

Your pal,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The private health industry's time is up

Hey Barry:

Even the Christian Science Monitor supports single payer!

Holy Climolis!

Here's the link:

Bout time we do it the right way.

Whattya say, Barry?

Your pal,