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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sequester, Run Fast for the Future of Our State

Barry, My Liege :

Your faithful servant marvels at the pace of proposed reforms you outlined in your recent address to Congress.

And yet, we are both mindful that we face problems bigger than the solutions you propose.

And so, My Liege, we pray that you re-double those efforts, that you continue to press for the changes you have outlined and add more and more as we go forward.

Some of the Republicans will not cooperate with any action which is clearly for the good of the country, preferring to pursue partisan rhetoric to compromise for concrete action, so your strategy has to be to bury them with so many good actions that they will not be able to stop all of them.

And, as you know, you have only about six months to create the momentum toward that change.

Our future as the United States of America is on the line.

Whether by law, Executive Order or any other means available, we pray you create a wall to prevent further deterioration of our National Economic Security.

Some specifics :

Find a way to prevent the sequester for it will destroy our recovery.

Continue the anti-crime and anti-monopoly actions begun by Mr. Holder, but expand them exponentially. Monopolies drain cash from the middle class and stifle competition and job creation. Crooked bankers and their servants WILL ruin our economy again, it is only a matter of time.

Restore Glass-Steagall. Separating commercial banks from investment banks and letting investment banks fail is the only action that will prevent a future bank crisis and recession.

Strictly enforce laws supporting union activity - too many companies flout our laws with impunity.

Modify Free Trade Agreements to encourage job creation at home.

Destroy our new class of Princes by increasing taxes on great fortunes and great incomes, then use the proceeds to pay for our recovery.

Develop a National Industrial Policy so we can know which industries to encourage.

Increase regulation of corporations which monopolize essential services like energy, communications, transportation, power and other industries which are essential to life.

Create free and fair elections.

Install energy alternatives so that we may hope to avoid the consequences of dangerous global warming and secure a peaceful life for our grandchildren.

In all these things, the good news is that Republican voters expect all this and more and will not be surprised at all.

Somewhere deep in their souls, they know you are right.

Do not be afraid, My Liege.

Your faithful servant