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Friday, June 18, 2010

Billionaires Givin Back

Hey Barry:

This aint for you, leastways I don think so.

This is for da billionaires who gonna give a bunch back to charity.

Here my comment: B F D

You billionaire guys want to be good an all, but yo money not the problem. Neva yo mind that behind every great fortune lies a great crime. No big thang.

Problem is effin royalty.

Don matter you gives away half or 90% of what yo got, we an our great grandchildren still gonna be stuck with bunch generations of useless stinkin rich folks who jes buys wot they wants, especially and specifically includin laws.

Good ol U S of A founded on the idea that ya gotta make it on your own - not live off daddy.

Nuther U S of A idea is that we'all gets to vote on laws - laws aint supposed to be for sale.

Onliest sensible thang is a big heritance tax. We gotta kill them too big fortunes cuz they is only gonna make our lives poorer if'n they stays round.

We is doomed if'n we dont kill them big fortunes.

Your pal,

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Messy Oil

Hey Barry:

Caught yo talk testerday an I'm gonna give you a B.

[UPDATE - Ima uppin the grade to a B + , BP jes put $20 Billion inta the fund. Way ta go Barry!]

Good bout it was this: Y'all took the hi road an gave us some hope. Thas good.

Here wot y'all left out: aint no details bout gittin it done.

Itsa a management problem, cleanin it up, and y'all didnt show managin.

Here how ta manage dis mess:

1. Set up a payment procees wid BP cash thas managed by govt - thas y'all - an pay em quick, don do no shilly shallyin round there.

2. Hire one person per county to be da govt coordinator for the clean up. Here wot he do: he holds one meetin wid da local county folks and makes a clean up plan by the end of the meet. May be an hour may be a week - but the end is a plan.

3. Then, he make a list of wot to do and wot all he needs to do it.

4. Then he make nuther list of wot he aint got an wot he has got.

5. Then he git on do phone an git wot's missin.

6. Then he tell y'all how much he spendin ta git it done an sends y'all the lists.

Then you - Barry Obama - make a list of wot is happenin county by county, beach by beach.

An that'll make y'all the manager.

Thas was missin from yo talk, but yo can still do dat.

Mebbe y'all doin all that already; if thas true, then all ya gotta do is tell us.

We with y'all Barry, keep on it.

Your pal,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ghanistan Rocks

Hey Barry:

Ima guessin - or mebbe hopin - your question is how we gonna keep all da cash from the minin in Ghanistan.

Thas our goal so's the Ghanis can git some schools, roads, police, hospitals an other good stuff.

Here da answer Barry

1. Don allow no free money outflow - make a rule that all money goin out the country needs central bank OK first.

2. Dat gonna mean the customs and bank police have to be honest - an thas a big job. They gonna have ta import some temporary folks from the EU ta git that done.

3. Corps wot build da mines also gotta build da processin plants - goal is export finished products stead of raw ore. Keep lotta jobs in country.

4. Let the corps take out of country a max of 20% each year of capital they bring in. They gonna need good countants for dat.

Read sumwhere dat y'all gonna git accounting firms to compare contracts from other countries so dat the Ghani's don git totally screwed. Das all good, but most other countries allow free capital flow and dat will kill Ghanistan even deader than now. Gotta get creative here Barry - git yo guys on it.

5. Mining corps gotta pay a tax for mine safety inspection and nuther tax for roads an schools an police.

6. Wages gotta be high in da mines - they gotta have good unions so they can git good wages. Thas the only way ta git rid the Talis.

Jes in case y'all needs to argue bout dis - its da opposite of the Bush suitcase full of cash development program. But, if'n y'all needs help splainin it, I be happy to help y'all.

Your pal,

Monday, June 14, 2010

Barry - IT Czar

Hey Barry:

Liebermann wants to give you power over the internet.

Read it here:

Sounds good to me, especially if the commercial guys don like it - an they dont.

They kinda like the seniors who don want the federal govment messin with they medicare.

I say go for it.

Your pal,

Afghans Gonna Come Kill Us

Hey Barry:

Turns out they is whole bunch of scarce minable goodies in Afghanistan - enuf to make the country rich.

Read it here:

So Barry, here's wot y'all gotta do: Y'all gotta make sure we don't do the Nigerian, free market, swindle the po folks an take all the money to Switzerland model that the good ol USA seems to like so much.

'Wot's the big deal, anyways,' yo may say. 'The corps got the money and we got the muscle - so full speed ahead.'

Here da deal - jes think on an Afghanistan wid ten times the money now and xactly same income distribution, graft and wot all.

Think the Talis pissed now, jes y'all wait til then.

Barry, wot y'all gotta do is make sure ALL the money stays in Ghanistan - course it'll be crooked, but they be some cash for the Talis and the police and the schools and wot not.

Bout our national security Barry, if'n we don help them folks, they gonna come kill us.

Pretty simple, Barry. Help us out here.

Your pal,

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bank Regs - Short Strokes

Hey Barry:

Here's list of wot we need from the bank regs as a first step:

Lincoln's Rule - Regulate derivatives. Caint have no BS stocks floatin round wid zero oversight or disclosure. No Brainer here.

Volcker rule - Banks wot take deposits and make loans jes caint buy BS stocks, if'n they do, we'll be rite back here. No brainer - gotta have it.

Debit card fees - keep they hands out my pocket. Don wanna pay for no Swiss villas no more.

Consumer protections - Doh, same as above.

Keep on em Barry, this jes the first step.

Your pal,