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Friday, May 24, 2013

Drones Killing Quietly

Barry, My Liege :

I have read cursorily your speech on Drones.

Transcript here :

Let me say firstly that you are to be applauded for stepping up and acknowledging that the United States of America under your direction assassinates people.

We all like to know the truth.

Secondly, I salute you for the best line I have heard in a speech - ever : '...we must make decisions based not on fear, but hard-earned wisdom.'

But, My Liege, your proclamations do not solve the problem which you acknowledge : the conflict between conducting a targeted military action and the principles and values which define us as a people.

When you take a life, my Liege, we want you to be certain.

And, the process you describe does not permit any scrutiny or outside assurance of accuracy. Instead it appears to rely on your sole discretion.

While it is possible that there are review procedures incorporated in the process, a rational person must assume that such reviews are not included, else you would have mentioned them.

The process you describe of notifying Congress is analogous to a thug on a street corner announcing his intentions in this manner :

'Hey Homeys. Gonna whack this dude. A right?'

I learn my criminal law from television cop shows, but even I know that a cop has to get a judge to sign an approval for a search warrant.

How is it that you don't have to get approval from anyone to whack somebody?

It is not acceptable. My Liege.

Surely it is not asking too much to include some sort of judicial review and approval before taking a life with a drone.

What say you, My Liege?

Your faithful servant,