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Friday, May 3, 2013

Clinton on Syria : Stay Out

Barry, My Liege :

As a team player and with her sensitivity to domestic politics over the next few years, our possible next President Hillary Clinton has discussed Syria only sparingly in public.

Nevertheless, it is possible to deduce some outlines of her likely stand on Assad. But, standard disclaimers apply - these are my thoughts only and do not represent her position.

While Assad is an evil man, we cannot kill him unless and until an opposition force is established which can provide order after his death. Syria probably will degenerate into sectarian violence without a stabilizing force.

There are no circumstances under which we should place American troops into Syria. If American troops are the only thing that can prevent chaos, then we are powerless. We have seen the results of our misadventures in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

There is some Neocon rhetoric calling for American intervention, but these are simply political posturings and should be ignored.

Perhaps we can use some covert actions to kill the chemical weapons troops and secure those munitions ; perhaps we can send advisers to work with responsible oppositon leaders to enhance their skills and weapons capabilities ; perhaps we can work to organize other nations into a coalition which can impose a no-fly zone ; and, perhaps an errant drone might 'accidentally' kill Assad.

But, My Liege, officially we are powerless until a credible opposition exists.

Your faithful servant,