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Saturday, February 26, 2011

2.27.11 Libya - U S Policy Choices

Hey Barry:

UPDATES 2.27.11

Maybe too loudly, but Clinton says US reaching out to Libyan opposition groups in east of country. US needs to be careful - not seen as meddling. Read it here:

Gadhafi forces abandoning Tripoli:


OK, I know y'all aint askin, but here's my two cents about what we - the good ol US of A - oughta be doing in all the Mid-East countries, starting now.

First, let's just realize that as you read this hundreds of people are dying and bleeding from gunshots in a whole bunch of countries.

Most of the people bleeding and dying are young, well-read kids. They are just like we were a long time ago, say in about 1776 or thereabouts.

All they are asking for is a chance to create a just place where they can live in peace and have a say about their government. And, whenever they get the chance as it appears in Benghazi, they are doing just that.

The folks doing the shooting are mostly old, rich and corrupt. They are the kind of folks that we tossed out of our country.

Question is: whom do we want to side with? Cuz, Barry, we gotta choose sides, aint no way round it. If we say nothing then we is supporting the old corrupt folks against the young folks.

And, if we speak out about how good are the young people, then we are choosing revolution instead of order and stability.

What we can NOT do is send in American troops - that will just prop up the old fogeys.

Here's what we should do, Barry: Keep quiet and choose the young. We choose the young by sending in some real quiet folks who can speak the language and encourage them to develop new government structures. Part of that job is to watch for and corral the few who want to take over the energy and push it in the wrong direction. It can be done quietly, Barry.

And, maybe we can send in some folks who are good at revolutionary tactics. I'm sure hoping we have some of them Barry - we need them now. And, maybe some better weapons, Barry. I do not want to stand in a street and call out Ghadafi with a shotgun - he has .50 cal machine guns and .50 cal sniper rifles that he is using now. It's not fair.

If that is not possible because the old, corrupt folks have too much power, then we gotta lean on the old fogeys real hard. Barry, when I say 'lean on them', I do NOT mean we should 'encourage them to offer reforms.'

What I mean is that we say - in private, mind - 'Make the changes on this list and allow the young folks some of what they want, or you will be gone.' Then, we gotta mean that.

Make no mistake, the US of A cannot choose the old fogeys in all these countries. If we do that, we'll be choosing the past and the world will pass us by even faster than it is doing now.

We gotta choose the future, Barry. We just gotta chose it quietly and effectively.

Your pal,

Monday, February 21, 2011

U.S. Class War - It's On

Hey Barry:

You will probably want to skip this posting - some things are better left unread by you.


Today, there is class war in the United States.

Sadly, only one side is fighting the war. Equally sadly, that side is winning.

The two sides are the Billionaires - not millionaires, billionaires - on one side and the rest of the people on the other side.


The Billionaire side's objective is very simply to remove any and all protections for the middle class population in the USA and to return to social policy of the 1880's.

These include but are not limited to collective bargaining, publicly funded health insurance and health care, publicly funded retirement, minimum wage laws, regulations that protect public health and safety from business errors and/or practices, any restraint on financial institutions - specifically including the right of banks to buy corporate shares with federal reserve cash - welfare and a host of laws designed to secure a better life for the average working person and family.

The Billionaire side's methods are stunningly simple: obtain political power through the electoral process and reduce systematically taxes on corporations and Billionaires and then claim a budget crisis that requires forfeiture of protections for the population. The methods also include threats of violence - so far no actual violence - from their followers.


In a normal country, the reaction of the people to this type of class war would be equally simple and direct: overthrow with violence the government which allows these actions to proceed.

However, Americans are better than that. We do not resort to violence, except in extreme circumstances. And the circumstances of today are not extreme enough to justify violence.

But, the normal method of fighting against the attack, namely the electoral process, is so corrupt that only money interests are protected.

Unless the American people find some way to redress the situation, the war will be over before the fight has begun.


I will suggest below an alternative method of fighting class war; this method is untried on a large scale and so I cannot predict its impact with certainty. But, I am sure that it will be as effective as it is widely mounted.

Personally I have been on the receiving end of such an attack and although it was not violent, it was destructive and distracting even though I did nothing wrong or illegal.

To read an example of how a single person can cause a problem for a company, read here how one such person targeted a restaurant for no apparent reason:

It is time to begin such an attack on the interests that are destroying our social safety net.

Before discussing the specific methods of such an attack, let's examine its objectives.


The objectives of the attack are twofold:

1. Distract the Billionaire organizers so that they must concentrate their funds and efforts on protecting their cash generating operations; and,

2. Limit Billionaire activities to strictly legal behavior. That is not to say that all Billionaires are law breakers, but it is to say that we want to be sure the laws of the land are followed by everyone, including the rich and privileged.


The United States has many business regulations which dictate how business must behave. Such regulations are enacted at the Federal, State, County and City level. They are cumbersome and do in fact change how a company conducts its business.

This is a good thing for this fight.

Each of these business regulations has a bureaucracy whose sole job is to enforce its rules. While some of these regulators have police powers to arrest and prosecute, most do not. But they all have the right and responsibility to bring legal action whenever their rules are broken.

Here's the very good thing from our perspective: each regulation bureaucracy reacts to citizen complaints about rule breaking. They respond when they receive information that a rule is being broken.

Our method then is simply to find an employee of the Billionaire's businesses who is aware of real or POTENTIAL rule breaking and to notify the responsible regulator. The regulator will then conduct an investigation. If the business is found compliant with the regulation, then nothing further will happen. The good thing from our perspective is that it takes a lot of time and effort to defend yourself against such a complaint, even if you are found innocent of wrongdoing.

If the business is found in violation, then the regulator will issue a fine or criminal complaint, which is even more costly than exoneration.


There are hundreds of Billionaires. We can't target them all. It makes sense to target the specific folks who are driving the class war.

That will be the Koch Brothers. They are the people funding the class war.


Here's how to bring regulators to businesses owned by the Koch brothers.

1. Use the list below to locate your closest Koch owned company;

2. If there is no company listed in your area, do a little Googling to find one - this list is not an exhaustive list;

3. Find an employee you know socially or through your union who shares your views; if you don't know an employee, then make it a point to find one through Facebook, friends, or whatever method you can;

4. Research which regulations cover the job your new acquaintance does; the most widely known are the EPA, IRS, OSHA, local building codes and local zoning laws;

5. Research the regulation in order to understand how the Koch company is, or may be, violating it;

6. Ask your acquaintance for any specific ideas about regulations which are or may be violated;

7. Write a complaint to the regulator stating that the rules are being violated in each specific location and that you are personally harmed as a result; if you complain about more than one location, write a separate complaint about each;

8. If the regulation is covered by the Whistleblower law, be aware that you may be entitled to a money reward if the company is guilty of a violation.


Below is a PARTIAL list of Koch owned companies and cities - note that company headquarters is Wichita Kansas and if no specific city is listed, chances are that it is located in Wichita:

Koch business solutions, LP, Wichita KS, Green Bay WI, Atlanta GA

Koch chemical tech group, LLC, Luxembourg LU

Koch companies public sector LLC, Arlington/Reston VA, Washington DC

Koch companies services LLC, Wichita KS

Koch energy services LLC Houston TX,

Koch Exploration Company, LLC Calgary, CA

Koch fertilizer Canada, ULC, BRANDON CA

Koch fertilizer LLC, Wichita KS

Koch financial corporation

Koch Glitsch GP LLC, Wichita KS

Koch heat transfer company LP, Houston TX

Koch industries Inc, Wichita KS

Koch knight LLC, Canton OH

Koch membrane systems Inc, Boston MA, Parramatta, NSW AU, Aachen Germany

Koch minerals LLC, Wichita KS

Koch nitrogen company LLC, Wichita KS, Aurora NE, Beatrice NE

Koch pipeline company LP, Wichita KS, Corpus Christi TX, Minneapolis MN, Eagleville MO,

Koch pulp & paper trading

Koch specialty plant services, Houston TX

Koch supply & trading LP, Houston TX

Koch supply company

MBM north america

Unifin chesapeake


Georgia pacific

Koch exploration company, LLC calgary CA

Optimized Process designs, Inc., Houston TX

Koch owns a coal company subsidiary with facilities in Green Bay, Manitowoc, Ashland and Sheboygan; six timber plants throughout Wisconsin; and a large network of pipelines in Wisconsin.

Coen Sacramento CA, Tulsa OK,

Flint Hills Resources, Wichita KS, North Pole AK, Corpus Christi TX, Houston TX, Beaumont TX Minneapolis MN, Forth Worth TX, Ames IA, Shell Rock IA, Joliet IL, Menlo IA, Calgary CA

John zink company, Tulsa OK

C. G. Koch Foundation, Washingto DC

Your pal,