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Friday, January 6, 2012

Time to Socialize Medical Insurance

Hey Barry:

Here's evidence that your Healthcare reform did not go far enough: many of the nation's private practice doctors are going broke, especially in rural areas. Doctors are in debt and leaving their practices to take paying jobs.

Private insurance payments are declining and medicare reimbursements are being reduced.

It unlikely that reasonable standards of medical care can continue without socializing the entire system and eliminating private, for-profit insurance.

Read Parija Kavilanz in CNNMoney here:

It has been said that a wise leader knows when to follow; in this case, it is time to follow reality, Barry.

Otherwise we will become a truly Third World country.

You pal,

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cordray Appointed

Hey Barry:

Good on you for appointing Consumer Financial Protection Agency chief Richard Cordray.

We need the agency to perform.

And, also, why not think about an alternative political strategy for him?

How about this: Have him announce 20 or 30 actions that will PO the Reps as soon as he is in office - first day.

He could start with Payday lenders who prey on poor folks: [January 5, 2012]

That will get the Reps panties in a bunch and maybe take some attention from you.

It will also let voters see you are serious about protecting the middle class.

Of course, Cordray may well become a sacrifical lamb, but it's for a good cause.

Ooooh, I love thinking dirty.

Your pal,

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Time for A Gut Check

OK Barry:

Let's see how brave you really are.

If you're brave and you can really deal with the future of our country, then listen to Chris Hedges' interview: "Brace Yourself! The American Empire Is Over & The Descent Is Going To Be Horrifying!"

Here's the link:

We CAN find a way out, but it will take some real guts, Barry.

We need to take it apart bolt by bolt and screw by screw.

It's a big job.

No surprise here, Barry.

Funny thing is that Hedges says all the same stuff I have been saying.

It's a three hour interview, so give yourself enough time.

We really need you to hear this, Barry. Things are NOT OK.

Your pal,

Monday, January 2, 2012

DC Crony Fascism

Hey Barry:

Just in case you want to know why we don't trust folks in the Beltway, read the Venn Diagrams drawn by Larry Lessig here:

These diagrams offer clear and convincing evidence of DC revolving doors between the Big Money Bastards and Federal Government top jobs.

We have a crony government, plain and simple.

And, it costs the country a lot.

Cynthia Duncan in her book 'Worlds Apart: Why Poverty Persists in Rural America', [by Cynthia M. Duncan, Yale University Press; New Ed edition (August 11, 2000); ISBN-10: 0300084560; ISBN-13: 978-0300084566] pretty much proved that reserving jobs for cronies pulls down any society.

And Barry, that is exactly what we have here - jobs for cronies.

For example, take a look at a few Goldman Sachs folks: Robert Rubin, John Corzine, Henry Paulson, Rahm Emanuel, Robert Hormats, Stephen Friedman, Diana Farrell, Philip Murphy, Mark Patterson, Adam Storch, Alexander Lasry, Sonal Shah, Gregroy Craig and Gary Gensler.

All these folks are former Goldman Sachs people who have held top government jobs. You can see the same pattern in Big Oil, Comcast, GE, media, Monsanto and so forth.

Here is the smoking gun of how our country is run for the benefit of a few at the expense of the many.

It's bad enough that the few profit at our expense, but what's even worse is that our country would be much better off if we changed that pattern.

We need to open up government service to the best and brightest and not reserve it for the well connected. That's the only way out of this mess, Barry.

This is your challenge Barry, fix this one or we say a final good bye to the America we love.

Your pal,