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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rainin in the FED

Hey Barry:

Buncha guys on the Hill want to demonize the FED.

Some's kinda loony, I vote no on HR 833 Ron Paul [nuf said], no on HR 3858, Ms Kaptur, and no on HR 2424, Mr. Kucinich.

Probly OK to audit the FED, depends on what Benny and Timmy say: see S 604, Mr. Sanders and Mr. Watt Amendment of Oct 29, 2009.

Rule is simple - keep the FED independent of politics.

Your pal,

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hu's On First

Hey Barry,

Remember the 'Who's on first?' routine by Abbott and Costello? Ya could look it up here, Good for a laugh.

With Apologies:

"Bud: Hey Lou, I want to tell you about a very good baseball team. It has very good players but they have some Chinese names. Like their first baseman is named Hu. So, Hu's on first....

Lou: Wait a second. Who's on first?

Bud; Exactly...

Lou: Just a minute, I'm askin Who's on first?

Bud: Yes he is.

Lou: For cryin out loud, jes answer the questions: Who's on first.

Bud: I am answering the question, Hu's on first..........."

Well, Barry ya gets the idea.

Point is Hu has a lotta good cards an he aint tellin what he's gonna do.

So, les deal with Hu.

'S like the mob - if'n they kill ya, ya can't pay 'em anymore. So, Hu aint gonna kill us - he need us more than we need him.

But, Barry, here's da ting, we here can't even buy Chinese crap anymore cuz we got no jobs.

Much as we need jobs, Hu needs us to have jobs more than we do.

So, Barry, ya gotta get us some jobs so's we can buy more Chinese crap.

An it gonna mean that ya gotta raise some taxes on Chinese crap so we can make our own crap here - leastways some of us will get jobs from that.

Hu's gonna be upset, but they's nuthin he can do an he knows it.

Your pal,

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Random Thoughts

OK Barry, I knows - random thoughts from yours truly. Whas new wi dat anyways.

Ha, Ha.

Couple things:

Ghanistan - I wuz thinkin how'd I feel if'n bunch of armed goons took over my block. Be so scared I'd do what they say unless I'ma sure they'll be gone quick. Don matter the goons is Tali's or good ol USA - guns is guns. So, make me sure ain't nothin bad gonna happen to my kids, then I'll listen. Can't do that, then get the hell out. Can do that, then make some schools and police an hospitals and roads.

Banks - O mi God..Jes gets worse 'n worse. Them banks is dyin. 'N we gotta make sure they don't screw us over any more. But, bigger thing is: who is gonna make the loans?

We got no system to make loans now and we is dead in the water with zero loans. Banks is only makin 30% of the loans now an is gonna get worse.

Jes make sure whatever you do bout banks covers where the loans actually come from, not just them dinosaur banks.

Jobs - Good on ya for asking them econs of yours bout making more jobs. Member two things - higher wages and protectin the bosses from the Chinks. Your econs don' do that, fire 'em. Don gimme no BS bout training, we needs folks to actually buy stuff fore we talk trainin.

Sick surance - gotta have the gov't plan Barry, thas why you there. If'n we don get the govt plan, we still be havin thousands of folks dyin from no care. And, that aint right.

Do the right thing Barry, we with ya.

Your pal