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Saturday, March 10, 2012

American Exceptionalism and Due Process

Barry, My Liege:

The genius of the United States Constitution has always been that it places trust in processes and the whole people instead of placing trust in any particular office or person.

European Kings ruled by Divine Right - whatever the King said was a revelation from God and could not be questioned.

We decided that we don't like that idea in America.

But, like a cockroach infestation, it keeps coming back. If we want to be free of cockroaches, it's not enough to squash the roach you see, really killing a roach infestation requires that you take away their nutrients and water supply. Then they'll die naturally or leave.

And, it appears that our government today has a bad roach infestation.

What the Founding Fathers knew from practical experience is that the wisdom of many people is always greater than the wisdom of any single person, whether or not that person is 'on a mission from God'.

And, our entire Federal government structure is replete with checks and balances so that a single person cannot subvert the will and wisdom of the people.

Those checks and balances are also supposed to apply to the President as well.

But we have seen a great diminshing of those checks and balances on Presidential powers.

It is harming our ability to conduct the business of government.

Any time a single person can dictate any policy, or kill any person legally, then we have reverted to the Divine Right era.

Not only is that totally unjust, it is also not smart.

It is not smart from the simple idea that any one person can, and will be wrong at any time.

We get better decisions when any single person has to secure the approval from another branch of government before implementing any action.

So, Barry, My Liege, you are dumber than the collective wisdom of any group of 20 or more citizens.

I'd say any ten citizens, but I don't want you to feel too bad.

If you're really smart, you'll listen to the people and ignore the theocratic cockroaches around you.

And, even more importantly, you'll take down the Divine Rights your minions keep giving you.

When you do that, you'll earn the right to be called My Pal, instead of My Liege.

Your faithful servant,

Monday, March 5, 2012

Due Process?

Hey Eric:

So, here's the thing.

It is not OK to kill American citizens.

Repeat after me: 'It is NOT OK to whack citizens.'

And, it is YOUR JOB to make sure that does not happen.

You're the one who holds the Constitution intact.


If we have no Constitution, then we are just the same as Sharia - no difference.

You are the one person holding the line between the USA and darkness.


And, Eric, you don't seem to understand what is going on.

That sounds harsh and I'm sorry if it does. But Eric, the shoe fits, so wear it.

You have described our 'due process' as making sure any killing meets four 'principles.'

So, Eric, where do those 'principles' come from anyway?

But, even more important than the origin of those 'principles' to our existence as a free people is this simple idea: you cannot allow a person holding a gun - that would be your boss Barry My Liege Obama - to decide whether or not the 'principles' are met.

In order for there to be due process under our constitution, then somebody who is NOT involved in the killing process has to approve and certify that the 'principles' are met in fact.

That's why we fought that little war in 1776, for that idea.

Riddle me this Eric:

Why is that so hard to understand?