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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Supremes to Constitution: Bye, Bye

OK, Barry:

Get used to it. From now on the good ol USA is owned lock, stock an barrel by Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Warren Buffet and a few others.

No more laws, no more elections - just the corps and what they want.

Corps are better than real people after all. They don die, they don get drunk 'n they sure as hell don vote for no Dems.

Y'all get sick and aint got no money - too bad sucka. If you was any good, y'all be rich. Y'all be poor, y'all aint no good nohow - go ahead an die. We wont miss yo.

Y'all be rich, we waits on you hand an foot. Any ting y'all wants, we gets it for ya.

Yes massa.

Y'all get used to sayin it: Yes Massa,

Now louder: YES MASSA.

Makes me wanna puke.

Ya gotta try sumthin Barry, this is jes over the top.

Your pal,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Barry's On Them Banks

Hey Barry!!

Wowsers. Ima lovin it.

Y'all gettin it - banks cannot trade BS stocks and make loans at the same time.

Y'all got the rules right now.

Read 'em from the WSJ:

'Under the proposed rule, commercial banks would be prohibited from owning, investing in or advising hedge funds or private equity firms. Bank regulators would not be simply given the discretion to enforce such rules. They would be required to do so.'

OK Barry!!

Jes keep pushin it cuz them weasels sooner die than give up.

Your pal

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Estate Tax: Droppin the Ball

Hey Barry,

Seems y'all so busy y'all forgets to keep the estate tax on the books.

Read it here from Kathleen Pender of the SF Chronicle:

If'n we don have that tax, then we is another step down the road to an effin royalty.

Get on em, Barry we need an estate tax - thas the basic idea behind our country anyways: no hereditary rich fools. Leave all them princes in Europe.

The good ol US of A is about making your fortune by workin hard and helpin folks - it aint bout taking daddy's money.

We needs it Barry - jes like we needs you.

Your pal,