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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Thursday, December 1, 2016

trump - o - nomics

Apparently trump's cabinet shares a consistent set of economic beliefs.

Those beliefs are commonly referred to as either Classical Economics or as Supply Side Economics.

Here are the basic ideas behind those beliefs

1. Full employment is normal - if you want a job you can have one.

2. Wages and prices are flexible - so that businesses can raise and lower prices in response to market conditions and workers will accept lower wages if the business that employs them faces failure.

3. Markets allocate all capital if left alone - free markets choose which products to expand and which to reduce.

4. Therefore, there is no need for government to intervene in the market system to achieve full employment.

Since there is no need for government to interfere in markets, the government should be as small as possible and certainly not have any regulatory powers.

In a nutshell, these are the beliefs which most conservative politicians share.

These ideas are wrong.

And, they create recessions and real harm to families whenever they are followed. We saw that in 1930 and 2008. We will see it again.

J. M. Keynes thoroughly deconstructed all of these ideas in the 1930's; but, they never die. The stay alive because they offer a rationale for low taxes and markets free from regulation.

In fact, Keynes suggested that the Great Depression with unacceptable levels of misery and despair was caused by those policies of free markets with no regulation.

Unemployment is normal and is caused by business cycles, trade and technology. The definition of a business cycle recession is when unemployment rises and business activity declines. Business cycles are a fact of life. The Roman Empire had recessions and was forced to bail out bankers. King Phillip IV the Fair of France burned banker Jacques de Molay at the stake in the 1314 to stop the Knights Templar from stealing from French peasantry.

Trade causes unemployment when goods can be acquired from countries with lower labor costs than in home markets. Technology causes unemployment when machines replace workers.

Wages and prices are not flexible. Modern markets have constraints like minimum wages [which was introduced in 1938] and price controls which did not exist in 1929. Even if businesses were free to change wages and prices, most employees will not work for less; Keynes called it Sticky Wages.

Markets can choose products which harm or kill people. We need government to protect us from harmful products.

Government has an active role to play in today's 21st Century world.

Taking government from the economy would create great misery.

But, that appears to be what trump and his minions want to do.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Book Publication Announcement

No trump today!!

My new book 'INQUISITIONS: Meditations on living a good life', Kindle Edition', is available for $0.99 on Amazon at this link [ copy and paste into a browser]:

Most of the content has been available in this space previously.

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Thank you for your interest.



Monday, November 28, 2016

DUMP the trump!

Turns out there is a constitutional method of removing trump from office without requiring a trial or any other process.

See details from Keith Olbermen here:

Basically it involves the Vice President writing a letter that is signed by the cabinet which states that the President is not able to manage the duties of the office.

There are a few twists and turns, but basically, that's it!

Here's what that may mean in actuality.

trump will not agree to abdicate peacefully unless it is in his interest to do so.

Here's how we can make that happen:

Prepare a detailed indictment listing each and every crime and accusation against trump complete with affadavits and other evidence.

Then, present the documents to Pence and secure his agreement to sign the letter. He must understand that trump will not go quietly. For that, we have an option for trump.

If he agrees to write such a letter, then have him present it to several cabinet members and secure their backing.

Once that is obtained, present the indictment to trump.

Explain to him that if he agrees to the proposal, the indictment will be buried, but if he fails to agree, it will be made public.

As an additional option, tell him that it will all be dropped IF HE PUTS ALL HIS ASSETS INTO A REAL BLIND TRUST.

Let's go get him!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

trump - A Balanced View, Before he Takes Office

After the election shock, perhaps it's time to take a more rational and less emotional view of things, although it is difficult to be objective.

By setting aside our disgust at his previous actions, perhaps we can think about his effect on The United States of America.

Perhaps he will not be a disaster for our country.

We can hope for that, until and unless he proves that hope false.

The United States of America is stronger than one person; our Constitution is designed with many checks and balances to prevent any one person from wreaking havoc.

But, and it is a big 'but', the President can cause real harm if he is left unchecked. And, since his party has a majority in both Houses of Congress, he has real power to cause damage.

On the positive side, he has moderated his racist campaign rhetoric even though hate crimes have increased. His extreme followers apparently feel empowered to commit those crimes after the campaign. Perhaps they will mellow out somewhat as some of them are convicted of hate crimes and go to jail. We shall see.

The Democrat party has an opportunity to slow down the Republican party's more excessive proposals by using tactics the Republicans used during Obama's first term. We pray that they do so.

Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, deportation, tax cuts for high income and wealthy people, financial deregulation, education privatization and similar proposals from the Republican Party will all be rooted in a false economic doctrine. Any Republican proposals in these and similar areas will cause direct harm to millions of Americans unless they are blocked.

All these policies were enacted under Bush and they caused the recession of 2008. trump's proposals are similar but more extreme.

Still on the positive side, he has proposed actions that will directly harm all the folks who voted for him. When they see that their family situations have not improved and have become worse in most cases, they will most likely vote Democrat in the mid-term and 2020 elections.

Until then, here are the major items of concern:


Our international enemies will test him and his demonstrated 'thin skin' together with the power of POTUS in military affairs may well lead us into a war. This can happen in calendar year 2017.


Financial deregulation extended under Bush is still in place and it is likely that banks will precipitate another recession in 2017 or 2018.


Calls to privatize Social Security will lead to reconsideration of that question. Additional pressure will be provided by the interest rate increases we face due to trump's threat as discussed above. The resulting impact on the Federal budget will lead to calls to eliminate Social Security from the Budget. Or, at the least, Social Security pensions will be reduced. If successful, this will result in massive poverty and misery among the elderly.


Initiatives to manage health care costs will be under pressure. If successful, there will be massive cost increases while private insurance companies reap record profits at the expense of the ill among us.


trump's administration will attempt to reduce federal funding to all levels of education and all student aid programs. If successful this program will cripple our future economic growth by stifling new research and invention. It will also saddle college students with even higher levels of debt.

His Secretary of Education is committed to those outcomes.


Tax reductions for wealthy and high income individuals will be proposed. If enacted, they will increase Federal budget deficits and in further calls for cuts to Social Security payments and Medicare coverages.


Any such devaluation will make our economy even more precarious since the cost of our imports would skyrocket. Additionally, the real value of dollar denominated savings will plummet. There is already a massive overhang of dollars in world markets and any action to reduce the value of dollar denominated assets - like T-Bills - will increase pressure on the dollar. Additionally, the BRIC's are looking to form an alternative payment system for oil and any success in that effort will lead to further dollar pressure.

Any calls or actions to renegotiate or modify the Treasury Bill program may cause such a devaluation. Such actions can include Congress' failure to raise the debt ceiling in response to the increased deficits caused by the tax reductions and increased federal spending his proposed programs will require.


There is no doubt that our current trade policies directly harm most Americans while simultaneously enriching corporations. Although he has stated he wants to renegotiate those deals, there is a likliehood that his changes will benefit corporations more than people.


Citizens United - the Supreme Court case which opened the door to massive corruption - will probably be unchallenged and untouched.


Unless the Democrat Party stonewalls Congress on new appointees, the new judges will take a stronger pro-corporate, anti-citizen stance on legislation.

May God have mercy on our souls.

My Darling, Darling Donnie

Dearest Donnie, I love you more than you'll ever know.

And Donnie my dearest, you know I never say a negative thing about you and I won't start now.

But, my Dear Donnie, I am really, really frightened about what will happen to my great-great-great grandchildren.

They will die horrible and painful deaths, Donnie, and I cry every time I think about them and your children.

Something really bad is happening Donnie, and I don't think even you can fix it.

Donnie, the world is dying before our eyes.

The air is heating up and pretty soon there won't be any food at all, even for you and yours, despite how much money you have.

And, there won't be any water to drink either. At the same time, the oceans will rise and all the coastal towns like Manhattan will be flooded.

I'm scared, Donnie, I'm really scared.

Donnie, you HAVE to do something.

Please, please do something.

I'm begging you Donnie, like never before.