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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Political? Rep Gabrielle Giffords (D. AZ) Shot

Hey Barry:

A person in Tucson shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D. AZ) and several other people at a rally today. Reports are that the assailant used an automatic weapon.

No idea of reasons or motives yet, but it makes one stop and think.

Is this the result of hyperpartisan politics, or something else?

Your pal

Friday, January 7, 2011

Bank Regs - Not Working

Hey Barry:

Well, it's looking like the bank regs are not working. The point of the regs was, I think, to prevent any more bubbles caused by banks buying stuff with free money from the FED.

But, here we are with the Golden Sox guys buyin up Facebook in a secret deal with our money. They get all the upside and we take the downside. Since the money is free to them and since we take the losses, they can bid up the price of whatever they want until it crashes and we are holding the bag again.

Wot the hell, Barry. Not supposed to be that way. If there are any more of these deals, we are sure of another economic crash. Plain as the nose on my face[book].

Jon Stewart calls it out here:

If this don't get fixed, itsa nother nail in our coffin.

We countin on y'all up there to put a stop to this casino banking with our money.

Your pal,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Keith Horn: Time to Get Prosecutorial

Hey Barry

I suppose you know what I am concerned about by now. Well, seems like it takes forever for an idea to percolate through the fog in the main stream media. So, maybe singing the same old song aint so bad.

Here my song today:

The BILLIONAIRES in the person of Keith Horn are tryin to buy our government lock, stock and barrel. They made a big down payment by buying a lot of REPS in the mid-term elections.

As a side note, now I understand why the REPS is sellin out the country. Is not for a game, is for the cash. Jes real simple, the REPS is for sale and they been bought. Shoulda seen it comin, is not a mystery.

It's documented by Peter Stone, Center for Public Integrity, and Michael Isikoff, NBC News at this URL:

Now you and I, we know xactly what the BILLIONAIRES gonna do with their country - they gonna loot it. They gonna pass lotta laws taking away our future and our financial security so they can buy bigger villas. No more social security or medicare. No more minimum wage or bank regulation. No more health care. No more competition. No more jobs. And, especially, NO MORE DAMN UNIONS. Say bye bye to comfort and hello to misery. Our streets gonna be like streets in the movie 'Book of Eli'.

We can live here long as we keep quiet and work for whatever they feel like payin us. Gonna be jes like Guatemela or any other banana republic - a few real RICH folks who own it all and lotta poor suckers scroungin for a livin.

So Barry, that's what we know. Big question is this: Whatta we gonna do about it?

It's the defining moment of our history, right here and right now.

I don't have the answer, Barry, because it's up to you. It is all up to you. Your time at the plate.

I can tell you a story about how they doin it in Russia. Maybe that will give you an idea or two. We can't do the same, but it is a good approach.

Russia got the same problem we do - few real rich and lotta real poor. Some of their RICH got a little greedy as RICH will do. They tried to buy the government. First they steal assets from the country and then they try to buy the government so they can have bigger villas. Really annoyed the government.

Thas exactly what's happening here Barry. BILLIONAIRES steal assets and now they buyin the country so's they can have bigger villas.

Gibbon and 'The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire' all over again.

So what did Russia do bout it? Well they 'encouraged' couple of those folks to leave the country, which they did.

But one of them, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, would not give up. So, they put him in jail in England and they just sentenced him to prison for a long time.

See, when some folks get too big for their britches, they gotta be taken down. Cause if they not taken down, they take the country down.

That's where we at right now, Barry. Is time for us to get prosecutorial. Put these guys in their place. Let's put Keith Horn in jail. He so RICH, is guaranteed he done some crimes somewhere, sometime.

We waitin on ya Barry.

Your pal,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mike Rogers [R, Mich] - Lovin That Torture

Hey Barry:

Looks like the BILLIONAIRE's lap dogs can't wait to hit and water board some defenseless folks. Mike Rogers, the new chair of the House Intelligence Committee, is drooling already:

Readt it here:

"....Republican Rep. Mike Rogers of Michigan was named chairman the U.S. House intelligence committee beginning today, when the U.S. Congress reconvenes......Rep. Mike Rogers, a decorated FBI agent, has often criticized the Obama administration's interrogation policies for terror suspects as being too restrictive......."

Holy cow. Please make sure he gets the memo: Torture DOES NOT WORK.

I wrote bout this in 2009

June 2009

Hey Barry:

So here's an expert who says that we should talk to the terrorists.

What an idea. You were right all along.

His name is John Arquilla and he works for the Navy.

Read it here:

Your pal

And, in 2008:

Republicans - Love that Torture

News reports are that all the Reps except McCain support torture - even more than Bush.

Perfect campaign material:

If you like torture vote Republican.

If you like freedom and dignity vote Democrat.

[OK,in case you missed the memo:

Torture hurts American national security:

1.It is illegal under US law

2. It is against American values.

3. Tortured people will say whatever they think the torturer wants to hear to make the pain stop, so the information is false

4. The military may act on false information and waste time and lives

5. It gives our enemies license to torture our troops.]

Your pal

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Select Committee on Energy

Hey Barry:

I know you think that energy independence is one of our top national security issues AND that it isn't going anywhere. Energy problems will be with us for a long time.

But, chances are the REPS will just ignore it - after all the BILLIONAIRES don't want anyone messing with their cash cow.

Here's a link to the staff report on the energy committee; some day we will have to pay attention - no one sayin we aren't warned:

It's another case where the national interests conflict with BILLIONAIRES' money.

Wanna bet who wins?

Your pal,

Monday, January 3, 2011

Lunar Eclipse Video - Gorgeous

Hey Barry:

Here's a link to a video of the lunar eclipse - stunning:

Your pal,