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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hey, Schumer: WHERE'S YOUR ANGER!!

Honorable Chuck Schumer, United States Senator, D-NY

You were a guest on the Rachel Maddow television show the other evening and were interviewed about your plans to lead the Democrat minority in the United States Senate.

It was a disappointing performance, to say the least.


If you don't know HOW, talk to Mitch McConnel R-KY; if you CAN'T do it, get someone who can.

The new administration hangs out with Joey No-Socks, a New York Mafioso, and Vlad Putin, the Russian thug and grandest thief in the world.

Your response to these thugs was tepid and conciliatory.

That will simply not do.

These new guys will rape [literally, I mean they WILL PHYSICALLY RAPE women and children] and pillage [figuratively] the people of the United States.

They will absolutely:

1. Try to STEAL the Social Security Trust Fund;

2. Try to steal health insurance from millions of Americans;

3. Start a war so that war contractors can prosper; and,

4. Create a Recession so that they can steal distressed properties.

All this and more WILL HAPPEN by 2018.

YOU are the only person who can stop it.

UPDATE - You did say, apparently, that no Supreme Court nomination will receive enough support to pass unless the nominee is acceptable to both sides. Well, goody! It's a start.