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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

trump's Gift to Democrats

Democrats have a unique opportunity in coming elections.

trump has generated an astonishing amount of hatred and disgust among the majority of American voters.

Thus, negatively themed campaign ads will be effective in the coming United States Congressional elections.

And, there is both a negative and a positive slant which can be inserted around the trump theme.

Here are some hypothetical examples around different themes which resonate today.

Each is based on a fictional Democrat - John Garcia - running against a fictional Republican incumbent for the United States Senate - Bob Smith (R).



Incumbent Republican Bob Smith is a coward - he failed to stand and protest against the Alt-right and Neo-Nazis supported by trump.


As your Senator, I John Garcia will STAND to oppose Neo Nazi's and Alt Right thugs, I am not afraid of them.


NEG - Incumbent Republican Bob Smith FAILED to oppose child molesters and pedophiles - he even supported Roy Moore'e election bid.

POS - As your Senator, I John Garcia will EXPOSE AND PUNISH anyone who abuses children. Anyone.


NEG - Incumbent Republican Bob Smith supported trump's wife beating staff members - he was silent and did not raise any objection

POS - As your Senator, I John Garcia will support criminal prosecution of domestic violence perpetrators.


NEG - Incumbent Republican Bob Smith supported trump's statements about Putin and Russia. He also has lobbied to remove United States sanctions against Russian criminal oligarchs.

POS - As your Senator, I John Garcia will support sanctions on Russian oligarchs and protect our country from criminals.


NEG - Incumbent Republican Bob Smith said nothing about trump's obvious corruption and he has been accused of insider trading on information he received while sitting in the Senate for his personal benefit.

POS - As your Senator, I vow to fight against our culture of political corruption.

As a beginning, I will NOT accept any campaign contribution from any corporation or lobbyist.


Well, the list can be longer, but the point is made.

Let's use this golden opportunity to replace Republican office holders with Democrats!!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Stain Of trump On Our Soul

I write this with a heavy heart.

John McCain's passing marked the end of an era and the functional demise of the Republican Party as a legitimate institution.

The most telling sign of this is the current Republican push for impeachment of President trump.

It appears that the reason some Republicans want to impeach the President is that they think it will purge their soul and restore them as a party to legitimacy.

It will not do that.

The Republican party and individual Republicans are now and forever cowards, pedophiles, wife beaters, violent racists, self-dealing criminals, Russian agents and traitors.

They are those things individually and collectively; and, this is true for them in their hearts.

That will remain even after trump is gone - they will still be all those things.

For my friends and relatives who consider themselves as patriotic Americans who also support trump, I am sorry for you. Your future will be wrenching. Your country will welcome you back when you are free of the stain of trump.

For the security of our country, the United States of America NEEDS two parties. But, the Republican party cannot be one of those parties as it stands today.

The only way forward for the GOP is to purge itself of all trump supporters; luckily for them, that will be taken care of by the electorate.

The danger lies in the fact that it will take several years for the Party to be cleansed. In the meantime the National Security of the United States is in danger.