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Saturday, August 25, 2012

U S Incomes Drop : NO FED Action !

Barry, My Liege :

The continuing decline in wage income in the USA will make any recovery more difficult. As noted before in this space, our current problem is that Aggregate Demand is too low to spark a recovery.

On top of that, the Government of the United States is poised to create a fiscal and financial crisis due to the likely inability to make any compromises on the Federal Budget.

The question arises - Should or should not the FED create another monetary stimulus? It should not since there already exist oceans of cash that are idle. More will not help.

In the immortal words of the Jack Nicholson movie, '....maybe this is as good as it gets.....'

My Liege, if that is true, then we are in a new normal of declining incomes, declining living standards, high unemployment and decreasing Economic National Security.

Here's what Bloomberg says about our wages : 'American incomes declined more in the three-year expansion that started in June 2009 than during the longest recession since the Great Depression, according an analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data by Sentier Research LLC.'

Read the whole article here :

Here's a new article on 'HOW TO FIX THE ECONOMY' by Henry Blodgett :

It is not rocket science, My Liege, even magazine writers get it.

Evem more on shrinking middle class :

Your faithful servant,

Thursday, August 23, 2012

SUPREMES AND NSA UPDATE - Supremes Won't Stop Domestic Spying

Barry, My Liege:

The NSA collects and saves every telephone call and email made by every United States citizen and does so without a warrant and in direct violation of the US Constitution.

The operation is called TRAPWIRE, and you can read about it here :


And here :

The people who reported this have been deemed 'enemies of the state'. These American heroes are William Binney, Kirk Wiebe and Thomas Drake.

See a video of their discussion here:

The 'data' remains available for any law enforcement official to request at any time in the future. That is the purpose of the Colorado data center - to warehouse our calls and emails so they will be available in case we become an 'enemy of the state' someday.

England is proposing the same thing:

Your faithful servant,

Sunday, August 19, 2012

What Will Happen if the Government is Downsized

Barry My Liege :

It is no secret that the Republican Party and its backers want to reduce the size of the American national government.

Perhaps it is worthwhile to look to countries where the national government has been downsized to see how people are doing there.

We can look at Central America to find places where the national government is unable to provide basic services to people.

'According to John P. Sullivan, who has written extensively on this phenomena over the past several years, a "criminal insurgency" occurs when criminal enterprises compete with the state not for traditional political participation, but rather to free themselves from state control in order to maximize profits from illicit economic activity. In so doing, TOC [transnational organized crime] elements seek to establish zones of "dual sovereignty" within states where they have freedom of movement, perceived legitimacy from the communities they exploit, and the complicity or acceptance of state political actors. Ultimately, the result is pervasive corruption, evidenced by a reciprocal criminalization of politics and politicization of crime.'

But, My Liege, such places are not just problems for their residents, they become problems for the United States as well.

Here's a second quote from David C. Eckley in his article "Criminal Insurgency' is a Growing Threat in Central America" : 'Governments that are incapable of meeting their citizens' basic needs represent unstable regions that may directly threaten the American people.'

See, the thing is that these transnational organized crime (TOC) elements corrupt or kill local government officials and enlist the entire population in their violence.

Read the entire article here :

It's something that you need to monitor carefully, My Liege. We do not want TOC elements bringing their activities to the United States.

Your faithful servant,

Boogie Man Romney Wants to Kill Social Security

Barry, My Liege :

There is no terminal problem in Social Security.

We can fix all its future shortfalls with small, simple tweaks.

The only catch is that we have to fix it soon. The price of fixing the system goes up every year we wait.

Read about them here :

My Liege, the question arises : Why do we not fix it ?

The only possible answer is that our Big Money Bastards want to kill the system.

The Boogie Man and the Dragon are real, My Liege.

And, they are not hiding in the closet or under the bed.

They are running for President and Vice President.

You can borrow my sword, My Liege, but please kill them quickly.

Your faithful servant,