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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Winning Against trump

We can win against trump in Congress.

But, winning requires that ALL Democrat Congress men and women go all out.

trump's negotiating style is clear:

His opening demand is an extreme position. When he sees opposition he compromises. If he sees no opposition, his extreme position wins by default.

He must see determined opposition to all his proposed laws and executive actions. All his Minions appointed to date are extreme hacks who seem to have no interest in the welfare of the United States of America or its citizens or residents.

His style will be simple: He will let his Minions in the Cabinet present extreme laws to Congress for approval. If there is no opposition, the law will pass as proposed.

In order to present that opposition, Democrats will need to PREVENT ANY PROPOSED BILL FROM REACHING A FLOOR VOTE.

Tie up every proposed bill and appointment in Committee, forever.

Use 'outside-the-box' tactics.

Some ideas:

** List all areas off-limits to trump - Social Security privatization, Medicare, Obamacare, Dreamer deportation, Education reform, etc., etc.

** Shut off power and heat to any committee room considering a law. Do this sub rosa.

** Lock the doors to all committee rooms.

** Use personal locks and not official locks. Make them strong enough for at least an eight hour hold.

** Hold interminable hearings on all proposed laws.

** Take committee votes whenever Democrats have a majority attending, record the vote and ensure the press is notified.

** Ignore quorum rules and other conventional behavior since trump will use them to pass horrible laws.

** Prevent votes by any means possible whenever the Reps have a majority.

** Ask for recognition and then allow at least 25 demonstrators to enter the room and make a ruckus.

** Have OWS and other protestors block all Capitol entrances and exits with press watching.

The idea is to make government unable to function until a compromise that does not harm the United States is reached.

No compromise, no function.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Darling Donnie

Dear, dear Donnie. You always were my favorite and I love you more than you'll ever know.

Donnie, you have done a very big thing and it's very good for everybody.

My heart is full to overflowing with what you have accomplished. I am so proud of you I can't even express it.

So, Donnie my love, I want you to be very careful because there are a few people out there who are jealous of all you have done and who will try to hurt you.

It's hard to believe I know, but Donnie you are playing with the big boys in the street now and some of them don't care if they hurt you or not.

It's just horrible, I know, but you can take care of it. I know you can.

Donnie, there's this one guy from the east who really wants to take some things from you. He is being very friendly, I can see him from my window, but I know he is only interested in himself. He will make you think he is your friend and then, when you think he is your buddy, he will take something from you and will dare you to take it back. And, if you try to take it back, he will kill a lot people and then blame you! It's horrible Donnie, just horrible. That's how the big boys play Donnie, so please be very careful because some really good and friendly people may get murdered.

And, Donnie my love, some of your playmates may hurt you, too. This Rance or Reince guy, Donnie, he loves you but he just does not know how the big boys play. He might miss something that can give you a bloody nose, so just be really careful with him.

This other guy, his name is Bannon or something, well Donnie, he is just full of hate and if you don't watch him very carefully he will cause a LOT of damage to you. Please Donnie, get rid of him. You'll be happier if you do. A lot of people on the street are afraid of him, Donnie, and they blame you, not him. If he hurts them, they will try to hurt YOU!

There's one thing I want to warn you about sweetheart, and it is that a lot of people will say bad things about you. Now I know that you want to hurt them back because they hurt you with their bad words, but remember, Donnie, 'Sticks and Stones....'

Here's the worst part, Donnie, they are allowed to say anything they want about you. And, the courts will back them up and not you. If you try to stop them or punish them, you will just look bad. You just can't imagine what they are allowed to say; it's terrible. But you have to rise above it.

There's just one other, little thing Donnie. Now I am very proud of how you have raised my grandchildren and I know you love them very much.

They are very smart and they can run your businesses just as good as you. It's a normal Daddy's pride to try and help them so they can help you. And, if they can learn all the things that you can learn now, why they can make better business deals for you and that will make you richer.

But, Donnie, the guys who started the country didn't like it when the Kings of England did the same thing for their families! So, they wrote this pesky law called the Constitution and it was designed to keep you from doing just that! So, Donnie, you just can't give your kids all the same information you have. If you do, then the kids will get into trouble, Donnie.

Sometimes you have to do hard things, my love, but you can do it.

Remember I love you no matter what.