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Saturday, February 19, 2011

UPDATE 2.26: The Revolution Is Televised

Hey Barry:

Watch it here:

2.23.11 ShababLibya BREAKING: a caller confirms 1500 were found in an underground prison system (Arabic) #Libya #Feb17 what is this man??!

Seems that Libya is heading to a real revolution.

See it here:

Twitter feeds from Al Jazeera say that some army units are joining the protestors and that the army has killed hundreds.

'May God grant that you live in interesting times', ancient curse.

Your pal,

2.19.11 Bahrain Update

Hey Barry:

The WSJ reports that the Bahraini army has left Pearl Roundabout and is turning crowd control to the police.

Read it here:

This was one of the protestors' demands and may be interpreted as good news by the protestors.

If so, that would encourage more protest actions; it could mean even more violence unless the government acts wisely.

Gene Sharp - Arabian Revolutionary Hero

On a related matter, seems that 83 year old US citizen Gene Sharp is the godfather of non-violent revolution. His free book 'From Dictatorship to Democracy ' can be downloaded in many languages here:

Your pal,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

UPDATE 2.18 More Bahrain Violence

Hey Barry:

Government forces fire on demonstrators and mourners

Read it here:

Only questions are these: will the government continue violence and will the Shiite majority react to government violence with more violence?

Your pal,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hey Barry:

Teachers strike and schools are closed. Students grab bullhorns and march on government buildings. 30,000 educated, average people PROTEST economic policies.

And, Barry, this is MADISON, WISCONSIN!

TODAY! Wednesday and Thursday.

Here's what's happening: the new Republican governor slices taxes on corporations. Just exactly like Rep govs in other states.

Y'all can read it here:

He creates a budget shortfall. He blames public workers and their unions for the financial crisis. He proposes a bill to prohibit public employees from bargaining collectively.

Just another attack on the middle class.

EXCEPT - the middle class - teachers, police, EMT's, snowplow drivers, fire fighters, students - know EXACTLY what is happening.

They don't like it. They march to the capitol and demand the bill be stopped. They close schools.

They are not happy, Barry.

Not happy.

Y'all need to get in front of this, Barry.

We need you there

Your pal,