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Estimate of the time that Humanity will go extinct or civilization will collapse. The HUMANITY DOOMSDAY CLOCK moves forward to 2125 due to US President trump's abandonment of climate change goals. Apologies to Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists for using the name.


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Saturday, October 10, 2015






Although the discussion below is now outdated for CCSF, perhaps there are schoolrooms elsewhere which cannot be locked. I encourage teachers in those schools to lobby for door locks to protect their students.

If you require details on the locks chosen by CCSF, please respond directly to me and I will forward your request to the maintenance department.


Since I am a College classroom teacher, I now must deal with the possibility of a moron with a gun on my campus. This is what my students and I will do:


My name is placed on this idea so no one else gets blamed for it. You are welcome to suggest changes to this plan. I have already asked the maintenance staff to install deadbolts on my class doors; if they do, then this discussion will become moot.

Neither my students nor I deserve to sit and wait to die when a moron with a gun starts killing CCSF students, staff and faculty.

We will act.

First, I will ask for volunteers who will be willing to act in the event of a shooter with the express understanding that they may be shot and/or killed.

Then, here's what I'll do in my classes.

1. Ask for all students to listen to outside noises and raise their hands in the air and make a pistol trigger pull motion whenever there might be one. Then the class will be silent to listen for confirmation.

If there is a repeat, the person hearing it will make the trigger pull sign with a raised hand.


2. If it is a classroom with one door that opens outward, as are most doors, then on confirmation, I as point person, or a volunteer student athlete, will grab the door handle and hold it closed since we cannot lock it.

[See below for two door classrooms.]

If someone tries to open it, the point person will hold it closed as if our life depends on it because it does.

At that time five volunteer students will gather at the door while all other students retreat to a wall out of sight and barricade themselves with desks.

3. If the point person cannot hold it closed, he/she will say 'GO'

With that, the point person will open the door forcefully and tackle the person outside at his knees.

Simultaneously, two volunteer students will rush the person and secure his hands, one student for each hand. If any weapon is found, the volunteer will throw it far away down the hall.

Also, two additional student volunteers will beat the person on his head with chairs until the person is still while the person's hands and feet are secure.

When movement stops, the fifth student volunteer will search the person's body for weapons and move any found away from the group.

If the person remains still, then we will look for belts or rope and tie the hands behind the back and the feet together.

If the person is not still, the beating will continue.

The event will be over when the person is secure with belts and is still.


Step one is the same, the point person holds the door closed and is joined by five other students.

But, the goal is to allow enough time for the other students to escape safely out the second door.

If all the other students have escaped safely, the last will yell 'CLEAR'.

Then, if the door is holding, the remaining team will exit the other door.

If the door is not holding, then the team will proceed as above.

With sadness,

mike p. mckeever

UPDATE May 2016: Oceans May Lose All Oxygen by 2030

Scientists discussing global warming are considering whether it will happen much faster than we thought.

A recent study suggests that all oceans may run out of oxygen by 2030 as a result of global warming [].

Additionally, James Hansen is the former NASA scientist who called attention to global warming in 1988. His new paper suggests our models may underestimate the speed of the change. Here is the link to the paper:

For a detailed and non-technical presentation which includes other scientists' views, read Chris Mooney in the Washington Post here ;

Additional projections of sea warming effects on the marine food chain are available here :

The possibility that warming and glacial melting may happen very quickly moves the Doomsday Clock forward.