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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Needed: US National Trade Policy

Barry, My Liege :

It appears that a Chinese company, Lenovo, is trying to buy IBM's server unit. That is the company which makes and services computer servers used by the FBI, Pentagon and US Telecommunications firms.

You can read it here :

While some are raising concerns about this transaction, it appears from other news about Flight 370 that it is past time to create a COORDINATED national trade policy which protects our National Security and our JOBS, My Liege.

And, don't worry about what our trading partners may say about any such move, because they all have such policies already. We are just late to the party.

Your faithful servant,

Monday, March 31, 2014

Flight 370

Barry, My Liege :

Barry, Barry, Barry.

Holy cow!

I know you're proud of your ability to kill people; as you said to aides 'I am really good at killing people'.

But this is too much, My Liege.

I could not come up with a logical explanation of the Flight 370 disappearance until I remembered that quote, My Liege.

The story just did not add up until then.

Here was a large commercial aircraft that suddenly became invisible to all radar, took a totally different course from the flight plan to Beijing and seemingly flew straight to one of the deepest parts of the ocean where it apparently crashed. There is little possibility of recovering the black box in that part of the sea.

Seemingly there is no mention of terrorists or depressed pilots for a motive - just a big mystery.

After about ten minutes on the interweb, I came up with a theory that seems to make sense.

It is written just below, but Barry, My Liege, you won't like it at all, not one little bit. In fact I was so sure that you will really, really not like this theory that I was afraid to publish it.

But I decided to go ahead and completely divulge my CONJECTURE and sources so you won't get your knickers in a knot. After all, I am just one under-employed PATRIOTIC AMERICAN whose ancestors go back to the Mayflower and John Adams, acting entirely on my own in the national interest.

Here's the introduction: It seems that Glenn Beck had noted on air soon after the initial reports that 20 of the passengers were employees of Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE: FSL). The company's website confirmed that and in addition provided some clues about a motive for crashing the plane and killing all those on board.

The company has developed a number of specialized miniature microchips for the defense market in order to generate additional revenue. The company either built or participated in building a plant in China to make some of these chips, but it seems that the plant was not performing very well. The Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE: FSL) employees on Flight 370 included some engineers who were flying to China to bring the plant up to speed.

And, My Liege, it seems that the new chips are very cutting edge. They are deeply involved in stealth technology and ingestible tracking devices.

In other words, with possession of both the secrets and a plant to make them, China would be in a much stronger military position than it is now.

So then it is logical to imagine a scenario where a hot-headed Washington military guy goes apoplectic and demands that we stop those engineers from giving away one of our advantages to the Chinese.

And then, with or without your approval - and considering the state of our lack of political control over the security forces, it was probably without your approval - he goes ahead and orders the hit on 227 passengers, plus crew.

Here's the scenario - a US guy goes to Malaysia Air and asks for permission to run a test on some stealth technology on Flight 370. 'It'll just be a test,' he says, 'no harm to anyone.' With approval, the guy installs the stealth devices and REPROGRAMS THE FLIGHT COMPUTER and communication devices. Whether he also installs some soporific or poison gas is open to question.

So, My Liege, here's the difficulty so far. Even if we grant that allowing the Chinese such a technology steal is a bad idea, the horse was already out of the barn.

We had already allowed Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE: FSL) to build the plant in China! Who dropped the ball on that one?

It looks like we chose to murder 227 innocent men, women and children because some idiot in the US trade office dropped the ball.

We both know, My Liege, that our national Trade Policy is completely off-track. But the solution is to fix the policy. It is NOT to murder anyone in the area when it goes off-track.

My Liege, I hope you are as ashamed and embarrassed as I am.

Your faithful servant.