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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Biden Stump Rally

Hello everybody!

Jill and I are really glad that you are here. It's great to see my friends and fellow Democrats.

We all know that America is in a dark place right now. Fear and hate and division have combined with a preventable pandemic to make us question who we are.

Here's my answer WE ARE AMERICANS!

We want to be in the light!

We want to be together!

It will not be easy to heal our country and take it back from the fear mongers.

We can do it!


Together we can do anything!

I can't do it by myself. But if you will help me, we CAN end the nightmare.

Join me in uniting our country again.

I know where we want to go, and I need you to help me figure out the exact steps we need to get there.

Americans want to fix immigration, wage and wealth inequality, infrastructure, public corruption - the list goes on. And I HAVE A PLAN FOR EACH MAJOR PROBLEM.

Read them at JOEBIDEN.COM

You know, Ronald Reagan actually gave a good speech once. I think it was his last speech. He said that immigrants are the best thing for the country. Only people born in Poland can be Polish and only people born in Russia can be Russians, but anybody can be an American! Just join us and complete the process and you can be naturalized as a Citizen. Then you ARE an American.

This our heritage.

A heritage of decency, respect, cooperation, and, yes, love.

I need your help in winning this election and putting us back on the AMERICAN WAY!!