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Monday, August 1, 2016

Class Warfare Against the United States Middle Class Threatens Violent Reaction

Hillary, My Liege:

Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign highlighted an increase in Americans' disquiet.

You were correct to pay attention to and applaud the inclusion of some of the concerns in the Democrat Party Platform.

But, My Liege, it is unlikely that the electorate will be satisfied with platform promises only with no real results.

Our frustrations support a move toward a more revolutionary outcome.

As voters, we will elect you and a majority in Congress in the hopes that you provide a REAL revolutionary outcome.

If you fail to deliver on that hope, we can continue to simmer until our discontent takes a violent form or we can vote you out as we look for real change.

If we vote Democrats out of power and accept a Republican control in the immediate future, rest assured that it was from the same disquiet which brings you into power today.

If that happens and we continue to suffer under a severely unfair system, that disquiet will grow. The longer we go with no real relief, the more violent will be our explosion when it erupts.

So, My Liege, your charge is clear:

You must deliver on real reform to prevent a violent explosion.

We pray you are successful, My Liege.

Your faithful servant,