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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Money, Money, Money

Hey Barry:

Hope you and your family had a great Turkey day.

I been thinkin bout couple things.

Numba 1: Please God don let Ron Paul run monetary policy.

Talk bout disaster - guaranteed effin certain to be the end of the Free World in 5 months.

Holy Cow, Barry - cant let dis happen, no how, no way

Numba 2: Poor saps at the B of A Board cant find a CEO.

Don it make ya wanna cry?

But, is OK - I'll do it - be the CEO - any time, jes call me or email me. Ya'll can have me for anyting over $30K per year.

Mebbe if'n I up the price to $300K, I'll get more respect.

Watta ya think Barry? Call Timmy an ask im. Dem guys gotta do sumthin before rigor mortis sets in.

Effin guaranteed to be better than wot those saps have now, which is a minus.

Your pal,

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gotta Read Bout Trade

A brand-new-still-in-the-proofing-stage book on trade tells it like it really is.

No BS, only facts.

Ya gotta read it now, only 15 bucks.

Knocks the socks of dem Free Market/Free Trade Nazis.

From my buddy, Ian Fletcher:

Dear Michael,

I am pleased to announce that pre-publication copies of my new book, Free Trade Doesn’t Work: Why America Needs a Tariff, are now on sale here:

(The pre-publication copies are being sold at cost; it will be $14.95 when it goes on sale on in a few weeks.)

The table of contents is below:

Foreword by Edward Luttwak

Introduction: Why We Can't Trust the Economists


Chapter 1: The Bad Arguments for Free Trade

Chapter 2: Deficits, Time Horizons, and Perverse Efficiency

Chapter 3: Trade Solutions That Won't Work

Chapter 4: Critiques of Free Trade to Avoid


Chapter 5: Ye Olde Theory of Comparative Advantage

Chapter 6: The Deliberately Forgotten History of Trade

Chapter 7: The Negligible Benefits of Free Trade

Chapter 8: The Disingenuous Law and Diplomacy of Free Trade


Chapter 9: Where Does Growth Really Come From?

Chapter 10: The Multiple-Equilibrium Revolution

Chapter 11: The Natural Strategic Tariff

Chapter 12: The End of the Free-Trade Coalition

Best Regards,

Ian Fletcher

Adjunct Fellow

US Business & Industry Council

San Francisco, CA 94104 USA

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fool Ya Twice

Hey Barry:

Them hedge funds are gonna do it to us again.

Read it here:

They gonna drop you n me down their rat hole and laugh on the plane to Switzerland.

Gotta stop 'em Barry.

Tell Timmy and them to wake up for it too late.

Your pal,