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Saturday, November 15, 2014

New Cold War Without Honor

Barry, My Liege :

One of the defining issues of the Post World War II era was the Cold War.

In addition to occasional shooting wars, the Cold War was mostly a quiet contest for economic supremacy fought by countries with opposing economic ideologies.

The Socialist countries were led by the Soviet Union and China with their similar Socialist economic systems.

The West was led by the United States and Western Europe with its Free Market Capitalistic systems.

Partisans on each side were convinced that only their system would bring the greatest good to the largest number of people.

It was a moral struggle as well as a political battle. The spies and politicians of the Era claimed the moral high ground and its attendant honors.

Defeating the opponent in a political contest or covert operation of that Cold War became a badge of Honor.

However, the differentiating economic structures which defined the era have pretty much disappeared.

It appears as Karl Marx predicted; namely, the two systems have converged.

The new system contains the remnants of a Free Market system, but has slowly morphed into an Oligarchic model with great wealth and income concentrations.

Both the Russian and United States economies have become similar Oligarchies.

Read details of Russia's system here :

Read details of the United States' system here :

Today we can see some of the vestiges of that Era's Cold War tactics being reconstituted in today's world.

But, the two competing systems have similar ideologies.

In this case, there is no moral good or honor to be claimed in any victory.

The New Cold War is simply a turf battle between competing gangs of Oligarchs.

Your faithful servant,

Monday, November 10, 2014

Corporate Personhood - Lock 'Em Up

Barry, My Liege :

Inasmuch as corporations are recognized as persons when making campaign contributions, then it seems appropriate that they should be recognized as persons when a crime is committed.

When a natural person commits a crime, he or she faces penalties like fines and imprisonment.

While we have a system of fines in place to punish corporations guilty of law breaking, we do not have a provision to place the offending corporation in prison.

After all, it is hard to place the collection of legal documents which comprise the 'soul' of the corporation into a jail cell.

However, we do have in place already a system whereby outside, court appointed persons can assume the management of the corporation for a temporary, defined period of time. We can do that already to some banks and financial institutions under existing law; it is time to expand the process to all corporations.

It is called Receivership and you can read about it here :

It seems fair and just that an entity which has some of the rights of natural persons should have also some of the duties of natural persons, namely the duty to obey the law or forfeit freedom.

When a corporation is convicted of a serious crime, a judge should have the ability to both fine the corporation and to appoint a receiver to manage the affairs of the business for a pre-determined period of time.

The receiver would act in place of or replace the managers who participated in creating the crime. Those executives would be sent home without compensation for the duration of the receivership.

The primary objective of the receiver would be to protect the existing assets of the shareholders. He would be prohibited from taking any risks with those assets to ensure their prerservation.

The practical effect of such a program would be to seriously damage the corporation since taking risks with corporate assets is what companies are supposed to do in order to prevent any loss of ground or market position to the competition.

That effect likely would become a serious incentive to the Board of Directors to be sure crimes are not committed since the loss of momentum from a receivership would have the result of reducing the market value of the company's shares.

Remember, My Liege, what goes around, comes around.

Your faithful servant,