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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Richard Holbrooke: R I P

Hey Barry:

Sadly, Richard Holbrooke passed yesterday.

May he rest in peace secure in the knowledge of his contribution to peace and saving lives.

He will be very hard to replace.

Your pal,

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The WashBeltBox

Hey Barry:

We love you and we need you. You're the only one we have and we are not going to let you go.

Yes I know we can be a pain sometimes, but you have heard the saying: "You only hurt the ones you love." Well, that's us.

So, here's the thing. You are locked in some struggle with the BILLIONAIRE's lap dog known as the Reps.

But Barry, that struggle is taking place inside a paper box - I'll call it the WashBeltBox - that is sinking into a very deep tidal pool.

What we want Barry, is for you to break out of that box and kill the SOB who is holding the box under water. Here's an idea about how to do it: raise the income tax to a 90% marginal rate on taxable incomes over $1 million and the estate tax to 100% on any estate over $100 million.

We know it's a job for Superman and that you ain't Superman, but like I said, you are all we got.

We are hurting and we are afraid that we will drown inside the WashBeltBox unless you break out and save us.

It is not about what you can pry from the Reps, it's about saving our country from drowning.

Your pal,

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hey Barry:

Here's an open letter to our BILLIONAIRES; please read ahead.


I am writing you because you are very RICH.

To see whether you are RICH, click on this link.

If your name shows up anywhere on the Forbes web site or your net worth exceeds One Billion Dollars, you are RICH. You are not RICH if you are worth less than One Billion Dollars.

Your money gives a special place in the world, a place that is different from just about everyone else. You probably don't even notice how different you are because you don't have much contact with people who work for a living. Most of the people you see are either just like you or people who make a living by telling you how wonderful you are. It is no surprise that you have a different world view than most people.

There are some issues that arise from your wealth. These issues are not about your intelligence, looks or personality; they are about your impact on us. They exist for every RICH person regardless of personal circumstances.

As a background to my comments, my family history includes several Presidents and goes back to the early 1600's in this country. Of course, it also includes some undesirable folks as well, just like any family. If you'd like some details, I will put you in touch with my cousin Bev who keeps track of all that.

So, I will put on my Uncle Sam Yankee Doodle Dandy Top Hat and I will try to speak to you as the voice of the soul of America.

Our country was founded in a Revolution against tyranny and aristocracy. It was an attempt to allow average people a good life, including material comforts as well as freedom from control by powerful people.

Now, I am pretty sure you think that you embody the best characteristics of that revolution. After all, you gained your wealth by following the rules. And, you achieved the American dream of doing well in a free country.

But, you are dead wrong if you think that. Here's why you are wrong:

Your extreme wealth gives you the ability to change the rules to your benefit. You do not play fair by the nature of your ability to change the rules. And, it seems that most of the rules changes you support serve to make you even richer. You have the means to hire very good people to help you gain influence. Perhaps you even make political contributions and have the ear of Senators and Representatives. That alone makes you special.

Surely you can see where this is going, but just in case you do not, here it is: As a RICH person, you are PERSONALLY AND DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ILLS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Most of the ills anyway, not all of them, but most.

You have the means and influence to change our country for the better or the worse. And you have used those means to make our situation worse while making your fortune bigger.

Over the past 50 years or so, you have systematically dismantled most of the rules and regulations that protect average working Americans from economic misfortune.

You have taken our livelihood and self respect. Now you are trying to take away the dreams of our grandchildren by borrowing to give you a tax reduction.

The United States of America is like a big, welcoming and forgiving family. We extend forgiveness as much as we can. But, that forgiveness has limits.

When we are pushed too far, we react by withdrawing our support. Eventually, we create rules to prevent bad behavior. When someone breaks the rules, we punish them.

Now it comes that you as the RICH among us have gone too far. You have broken the rules and we will punish you.

As the people who make the things we need to live life, you poison us with your products, you foul the air we breathe and the water we drink. You steal from us. You take away our financial security. You borrow from our grandchildren to pay for your sailboats and villas. Your employees work diligently to corrupt our political system so we cannot get a fair shake. You act like a bad wife and treat us like a wallet. You take our money and scold us when we do not give you more. You show no respect for our country while our sons and daughters, sisters and brothers die to protect our country.

We are tired of you and we are ashamed of you.

You are the bad relatives we shun.

We will be happier if you leave our country, you are not welcome here.

Here's how Andrew Carnegie puts it: 'The man who dies rich dies disgraced.'

You are disgraced.