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Estimate of the time that Humanity will go extinct or civilization will collapse. The HUMANITY DOOMSDAY CLOCK moves forward to 2125 due to US President trump's abandonment of climate change goals. Apologies to Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists for using the name.


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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bank Regs - On the Cusp

Hey Barry,

Y'all totally nailed it in the youtube here:

Please, please be sure the bank weasels don screw it up, or we'all is jes done. I means it - we is jes done.

Might as well be slaves. An I aint goin there, I be dead first.

Fuggit the 'bi-partisan' crap, this here is savin the country we talkin.

Git er done Barry.

We gotta have it.

Your pal,

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dodd Steps Up

Hey Barry

Chris Dodd finally steps up and delivers a regulation proposal. Good on im.

I don know how good it is, but I know we gotta get it passed, Barry. Is like y'all said before - is like steering a boat, takes while to make a turn.

Well this here is the start of the turn, along with Barney's laws in the House.

As for perfect, well les all jes get it started. I caint member the last time I was perfect an y'all sure aint walkin on no water up there neither.

Les git it started, then we can change it if needs be.

Your pal,