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Thursday, July 23, 2015

R.I.P. Sandra Bland

Barry, My Liege:

I am going to call 'B S' on the folks who suggest that police is the single reason for the tragedy of Sandra Bland.

The original dash cam video and audio of the stop and arrest shows that Ms. Bland was verbally combative, verbally abusive and physically assaultive on the officer.

Here is the link -

Ms Bland clearly lost it and went off on the cop without an adequate justification.

UPDATE 7.25.15: Recently released autopsy is '...consistent with suicide...' []

Police are trained to handle these situations and my impression is that he did so per training.

The commentators who hold Ms Bland totally innocent and suggest that there was no reason for the police to arrest her since the original infraction was a minor event ignore any of her actions which may have caused the police to act the way he did.

There appears to be a common thread among some commentators of ignoring any action of the 'victims' of police actions; but, and it is a big 'but', there is a real possibility that some of the 'victims' precipitate their injuries by their actions during a police activity.

Clearly, there are poor police, but there are also violent criminals with whom the police interact every day.

If a 'victim' behaves like a violent criminal then he or she will be treated like a violent criminal.

That is the job we ask of our police.

We need to let them do their job and keep us safe.

Your faithful servant,