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Saturday, May 11, 2019


This is a discussion of the 2020 Presidential election in the United States.

It is inspired by Giuliani’s trip to Ukraine to find dirt on Joe Biden. [News reports are that the trip has been cancelled, but nothing changes as a result of a cancellation.]

While the trip and its motivations are despicable, it is more than that.

The trip is the first indication that there will be NO restraints on trump in 2020. He likely will go full bore toward installing a tyranny in the USA.

It is despicable since it is an attempt to find dirt on Joe Biden's deceased son in order to hurt Biden emotionally and politically. It is a shameless attack on the private man who suffers daily from a lost son. It is a transparent attempt to divert attention away from trump and Russia toward Biden and Russia. Whether the diversion has truth behind it or not is irrelevant - the attack will raise doubts.

The trip is illegal as well as immoral. Taking help of value from a foreign government or entity in a US election is illegal. But, with the Justice Department compromised, it is likely that there will be no prosecution.

Russia has a long history of controlling foreign governments with political and subversive methods which do not require armed forces.

The plan of attack has been rehearsed and perfected in many countries. It is simple: Step 1 - install a head of government who is controllable and amenable to furthering the aims of Russia. This is accomplished in the US.

Step 2 - identify and neutralize all domestic opposition to the Head of Government. That can mean remove them from power and discredit or assassinate them.

Probable targets in the US include but are not limited to the Court system, the Justice Department, especially the FBI, the Treasury, Congressional committees which target trump, influential Newspapers such as the New York Times and the Washington Post and their reporters, widely respected television journalists on CNN and MSNBC personally as well as social media trolls and campaigns.

While I could write a list of individual people who could be targeted, I do not want to give Putin any ideas.

The Court System is currently under attack with the Supreme Court already compromised. The Republican senators under Putin's control are presently engaged in a systematic campaign of stacking Federal Courts with sympathizers.

The Justice Department and the FBI are compromised.

The Treasury is compromised.

Many Committees in the House of Representatives are still functioning as they are supposed to function, but will likely be targeted for attacks, especially on the Chairs.

Committees in the Senate are compromised.

The war against newspaper reporters is under full steam with constant verbal abuse and threats of violence against reporters. This campaign includes severely limiting access of the press to the President's statements and policies. Jeff Bezos has been attacked in an attempt to silence the Washington Post. Look for further attacks on the NY Times, especially its more effective reporters.

The campaign to impugn the integrity of the mainstream media is up and running. Most people now do not believe the news is accurate.

Cable news and commentary and its commenters will likely be targeted for personal attacks and neutralization.

Social media will be flooded with false news stories designed to further the above goals.

And, the alternative right vigilantes have been recruited from the US and then trained in Moscow and St. Petersburg with the goal of providing muscle in the event of disturbances.

Of course, the original and first agenda items from the 45th President should be mentioned: Election tampering and compromising the State Department and realigning United States foreign policy to favor Russia.

An army of Russian computer soldiers is attacking our election machinery to change election results in favor of Putin's choice.

United States Foreign Policy has been re-aligned to assist Russia and away from protecting the National Security of the Homeland. We are defenseless.

Tillerson's first act was to fire all the Department officials who were coordinating policy with Europe and other allies. The word of the United States no longer has meaning in foreign capitals.