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Friday, May 28, 2010

Hillary: Tax the Rich

Hey Barry:

Been talkin bout a Prince tax - even Hillary says itsa good idea.

Its where we gotta be, Barry.

Check it out.

Your pal,

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Savin Face - North Korea

Hey Barry:

We're talkin punishin the NK's for sinkin a ship.

Read it here:

Why we doin that?

Coulda been an old forgotten mine, or mebbe some drunk non-com pushed the wrong button.

Don matter if thas true or not - we surely do not need another war.

Les give the NK's some wiggle room and git outa this mess. Aint nobuddy doubtin yo 'resolve' - y'all showin it well in Ghanistan.

Whatta ya say Barry - keep us out of this'un.

Your Pal,

Flyin Safely

Hey Barry:

Y'all keepin us safer by requirin GPS on planes.

Read it here:

Thank you.

Your Pal,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mama Deals

Hey Barry:

Mama Sox says it all for us:

Update: Crystal didn't win the prize, but she won lotta fans. You go girl!

Your pal,

Whackin Citizens

Hey Barry:

I read the other day that y'all still got some American on the whack list.

An I ain't happy bout it, Barry.

Here da ting: how's I gonna know when I gets on the whack list? An, here nuther ting: it jes aint American to be whacking citizens.

I got dat dis guy seriously bad - aint arguin there.

But Barry, y'all need betta solution. So here it is.

Before y'all whacks im, ya gotta take away his citizenship - make im stateless.

Do that, then whack away.

Keep us American Barry - don go down the King road. We don want it.

Your pal,

Monday, May 24, 2010

Incompetent Drillers

Hey Barry:

Leastways we knows why they's oil all over the Gulf - cheap, stupid and sloppy drillers.

Read it here:

Jes don ever call them guys when y'all needs a good job at sumthin.

Your pal,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Costin the Goodies

Hey Barry:

I is a big time supporter of more benefits for Americans - we gotta have em cuz it's jes right and we don got very much. And, cuz more benefits mean us reglar folks can spend mo money.

But, here's da ting, them benefits cost big bucks. Now the EU is findin out its benefits is costin too much.

Read Steven Erlanger here:

Here's how USA different - we got lot less benefits here than they got there. And, we don tax our rich folks near as much as they do.

So, Barry, keep pushin out the benefits. But, member that y'all gotta up the taxes on Princes to pay for it.

Taxin them Princes is a good idea anyways. Keep on that one too.

Y'all gonna be FDR II real soon.

Your pal,