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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Failing Banks: Who's Next?

Hey Barry:

As a rule, I don't publish links to commercial sites, but this site really caught my eye:

I don't know how good the information is, but the topic is very timely. If your deposits exceed the FDIC guarantees, then you will really want to read this report to see whether your bank may fail.

Your pal,

Hittin the Fan

Hey Barry:

Looks like the fan is becoming unsightly.

Read it here:

Mortgage investors - who actually bought the paper behind the loans - want some action from banks. It could cost those banks which did not proceed carefully up to $180 billion.

Watch HUD Secretary Donovan address the issue on 10/20/10 here:

If itsa choice between the banks and the economy - bye bye banks.

Hang in there Barry, we need you.

Your pal,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gettin Round the Supremes

Hey Barry:

Maybe there's a way around the Supremes decision that allows corps and unions to spend money in elections without disclosure.

Here's a method to require better disclosure of who actually pays for ads by enacting a state rule. Read it here:

My memory is that the Reps voted down the law requiring disclosure, but maybe the states can do it on their own.

Your pal,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Don't Sell Us Out

Hey Barry:

Part of your job is to keep track of things that can change our future. And, here's one right now: seems some big Chinese companies want to get into the middle of our telecommunications business.

And, Barry, mebbe its jes me, but there aint no such thing as a Chinese company that does things internationally without the direction of the government - they jes do NOT let any company mess around in foreign policy or military strategy. We could learn a lesson there, ya think?

It has the potential to be a bad idea and ya gotta watch it real careful. There are some things that are just bigger than economics.

Read it here:

Your pal,