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Thursday, April 26, 2018

UPDATE: New Links, Robots and Universal Basic Income

Artificial Intelligence machines, popularly known as Robots, are taking over the production and delivery of goods and services. While this trend is exciting and promises a rosy future for many, the inevitable consequence is a large scale loss of jobs for Americans.

With rising unemployment from Robots, society will face an intractable problem: Namely, a loss of consumer demand for all goods and services since a larger share of workers will be unemployed as a result of Robot replacements. It is estimated that this will seen in 2018: In 2018 9% of jobs will be automated while 2% will be created in automation for a net loss of 7% of American jobs.

One of the proposed solutions to maintaining a reasonable standard of living for most Americans is the creation of a Universal Basic Income [UBI] for all Americans who lose their jobs to robots.

While this may appear to be a radical proposal for the United States, UBI or some similar program will be required to avoid a serious recession.

You can read a thoughtful and short paper on this idea by clicking here: Universal Basic Income to see Benjamin D Goodwin's paper on Universal basic Income.

AND, read Cory Booker here: Cory Booker's Big Idea

The Congress of the United States has prepared a report on the National Security implications of AI: Report to Congress