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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fear and Death in the Water

Hey Barry:

That's us. Dead. No jobs. Bleak future.

So far, it just keeps getting worse.

One of the reasons for the downward spiral is that corporations are sitting on piles of cash and not investing.

Now, the Reps say that business doesn't invest because of uncertainty.

That's just pure BS.

They don't invest because they think things are gonna get worse. They are not uncertain about it either.

It's common sense. When you fear the future, you save money.

Consumers are feeling the same things - fear about the future. So, consumers stop buying and start saving. Good for us, bad for the economy; technical term is 'fallacy of composition.'

So Barry, where does that fear come from, anyway?

Itsa simple answer Barry. The fear comes from the Tea Party.

They have shut down the government and created fear about the future.

The entire system is gridlocked because of the Tea Party's shutdown of government in conjunction with our sellout to the oligarchs. We are an oligarchy now.

From now on, we ARE the third world where extreme disparities create misery and violence.

So, Barry, there aint no middle here.

There is either oligarchy or there is demonstration and revolution.

There aint no incremental solutions either. Any change has gotta be wholesale and dramatic and way more extreme than your jobs plan. Y'all can read my solutions in earlier posts below.

It may be too late already.

So, Barry, Where are you? Where are you?

Go down to Liberty Square in New York and show us where you are.

Itsa a double dog dare for you. Go down there and show us that you can lead.

It's our last hope.

Your pal,

Friday, September 30, 2011

Strike in New York

Hey Barry -

This is for the demonstrators in New York and elsewhere, but y'all can read it.

Hey Guys:

I totally love what you're doing. Keep it up.

Nothing else is working.

Here's an idea to get attention from the oligarchs who run our country now. Show them our power as citizens by closing one place each day.

Scout out a corporate business or government agency like a subway station or bank branch that allows easy access. Then send in way too many people so that the place is completely crowded. No one else can get in. Obey the fire marshalls if they ask for an emergency fire lane.

Tell all the employees and customers that you want the place to close for one hour in sympathy for Americans having a hard time. Ask for their cooperation.

Then leave after one hour. While you're there, act completely peacefully and lawfully. Don't take or leave anything - don't even use the bathroom.

You will get noticed.

Your supporter

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

USA Sold to Banks, Time to Cry

Hey Barry:

There's a book out there claiming that Geithner conned you into letting banks off the hook in 2009.

See the interview with Ron Suskind here:

The book is CONFIDENCE MEN by Ron Suskind.

What I get from the film clip is that you wanted to skin the banks and asked for a plan but that Geithner 'mugged' you and did not provide the plan you asked for.

So, Geithner's gotta go and some of the bankers gotta go to jail.

They sold out the country, Barry, the good ol USA was sold to the banks on your watch.

Makes me wanna cry, Barry.

Your pal,

UPDATE 10.16.11 - CHANGE NOW: Ross-Issa Postal Reform Act of 2011

Hey Barry:

UPDATE - I was conned or careless and I missed the fact that the proposed Ros-Issa law STILL sticks the USPS with accelerated pension and healthcare costs.

USPS needs to downsize some, but not to fund its future pension costs.

Amend the law to stop the prefunding or drop it altogether.

The US Postal Service was started by Ben Franklin. We have always had a good postal service.

But in 2006, the Reps passed a law requiring the USPO to fund future pensions. It applies only to the USPO because the Reps want to kill it.

We need to pass the Ross-Issa Postal Reform Act of 2011 so we can save some jobs and keep the Post Office.

If we don't pass the law, then the Reps may privatize the Post Office. That will mean less service, higher prices and the end of a pillar of the country.

Make the call Barry, encourage Congress to pass this law.

Your pal,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Republican Presidential Candidates: If You Can't Say Anything Nice.....

Hey Barry:

I began writing this blog during the 2007 primary campaign to replace George Bush. I attempted to examine each of the candidate's policy positions and determine which policies would likely have the best result for the United States.

For 2012, I do not believe this is necessary.

Each and every Republican Presidential candidate and unannounced, potential candidate has demonstrated by his or her policy pronouncements and pesonality that if one of them should be elected, the decline of the United states as a world power and as a good place to live would accelerate.

As my late Grandmother said: "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything.'

Run fast, Barry, we need you there.

Your pal,