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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crystal Balling 2012

Hey Barry:

It's a natural time to look ahead to see what's on the horizon for 2012.


First, there's a high probability of another recession in Europe.

The European debt situation seems to be beyond the capacity of the EU to solve without severe social consequences, regardless of statements to the contrary. Most European economists predict a deeper recession in 2012. Read it here:

Additionally, a recession there has the potential to break up the Eurozone. Previous experience has demonstrated that such currency breakdowns have negative consequences. You can read Professor Jayanth R. Varma's comments on several histories here:

In the European situation, standard Keynesian policy calls for national government macro intervention to prevent extreme social misery and unrest.

But, the Euro governments appear to be in thrall to bankers; they are installing austerity measures and raising taxes at a time of recession.

Such a course will probably lead to deepening social malaise; it also increases the likelihood of an Arab Spring or Occupy Wall Street movement growing larger and perhaps becoming more violent. Consider the current situations in Syria and Yemen; this may emigrate to Greece.

A broader theme for 2012 is that our worldwide political system appears to be incapable of managing a strong economic crisis. This may be due to the influence of monied interests on the various legislatures.

Part of the cause of our current malaise has been that credit has been so readily available and so cheap that the market system has been distorted. Governments and consumers have come to rely on low interest and readily available capital. Now that GDP growth is slowing down, the accumulated debt is becoming onerous for governments and consumers.

Thus we have a worldwide imbalance where there is too little aggregate demand and too much aggregate supply. It is worthwhile to consider policies which will increase demand and reduce income and wealth disparities. Continuing our current policy of rigid adherence to today's political system in Europe and the USA will only serve to make our governments more vulnerable to an ultimate break up. A better strategy will be to install more flexible policies which address the imbalances we see today. I have proposed just such a policy constellation and it is available here:


A European recession carries the risk of a US recession. Current history shows that the developed countries are intertwined economically - what happens there comes here. This is despite the fact that United States fiscal and monetary policies appear to be ameliorating our recession.

Our FED has been contributing massively to this problem by continuing its quantitative easing and zero bound interest rate policies. At the same time, wages of working people are shrinking while capital formation is increasing.

An example of our inability to address the problem is the recent NDAA where Congress gave our military the right to detain United States citizens without our Constitutional protections. That was precisely the wrong thing to do. Another example is our government deadlock over raising the debt ceiling.

Concerning US elections, it is this observer's opinion that the US electorate is looking for some solutions to the problems outlined above. The Republicans have proven that they are incapable of understanding the situation, much less actually solving the problems. The electorate is looking for candidates who demonstrate they can lead us to a better future.

It is an opportunity for Democrats and for you, Barry Obama. But, at this time I believe the electorate has not seen an adequate response from either the Democratic Party or the President's campaign. The hope is that such a response will be forthcoming in the national campaigns.

Happy New Year!

Your pal,

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Economic Policy Analyses Published Today

The Mckeever Institute of Economic Policy Analysis [MIEPA] is pleased to announce the publication on its website [] of 22 separate economic analyses of ten individual countries.

Each economic policy analysis is conducted by a native of the country studied in order to ensure as much accuracy as possible. The studies are designed to illuminate those policies which affect economic growth and job creation. Both English language and native language sources are utilized. Each analysis is directly supervised by Mike P. McKeever who has supervised more than 200 previous analyses, although the conclusions and analyses are the work and responsibility of each individual author.

The countries analyzed are listed below in alphabetical order together with the name of each author and a link to the specific country study:


CHINA, two separate studies by a student who is advised to remain anonymous and Tianyu Ma:

FRANCE, a study by Guillaume LaFarge:

HONG KONG, a study by Po Ting Wong:

GEORGIA, a study by Ia Inadze:

NEPAL, a study by Manjil Shrestha:

PHILIPPINES, two separate studies by Sy Kimberly S. Lato and Elaine J. Linsangan:

RUSSIA, four separate studies by Irina Khakimova, Kristina Zeltser, Alex Shkurko and Zula Hadaeva:

SWITZERLAND, a study by Sandra Joller:

UKRAINE, a study by Margaryta Sysenko:

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, eight separate studies by Ruth Torres, Flavia Lake, Nicole Bonifacio, Michael LaLonde, USMC, Ret., Jarrett Moore, Allison Craig, Erinne Grant and Sharon Taporco:

Mike P. McKeever
McKeever Institute of Economic Policy Analysis [MIEPA]

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Barry:

This time of year brings out some melancholy for me along with some joy.

My very close relative is in her last days and it's hard to witness the decay and the pain.

I would hope that all my relatives would support each other, but self centerdness and attorneys rule the day.

The Caliifornia Community College System - the place where hundreds of thousands of people in every conceivable situation try to find a foothold on the American Dream - is rationing classes because the cash is just not there. No more welcome to the USA, now it's just get ready to get some money by transferring to university in two years flat or get out. Tough luck for vocational programs and immigrants. Read it here:

Some 50 million Americans are mired in poverty and misery. Some 25 million are unemployed or underemployed.

Some of the rich among us actively work to increase that number while they grow obscenely richer. Our American experiment was founded in hope and respect. I think it was Ben Franklin who replied when asked what kind of government the Constitutional Convention had given the country, replied: "A republic, if you can keep it".

But, finally we all get it and we are walking the streets and we are really p..o..'d, but very polite. But Barry, we are not going away. We insist on transparent processes and we will not accept corruption and back room deals. The future looks like a better place because of that.

Middle East regimes are tottering because their subjects would rather die than take the conditions. Talk about Hope and Change, that's where it is, Barry.


Yemeni crowds are showing us a method by surrounding an agency until the corrupt manager leaves.

Read here:

"There's somethin happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear" Barry. [Buffalo Springfield]

You are at the top of the system, but that system WILL change; it will change. I just hope that only a few more people die to make the change.

Keep your eyes and ears open; be prepared.

My parents grew up in the Great Depression. That's the time where many families were torn apart by poverty, violence and despair.

My parents would choose a time or event and decide to be happy, regardless of how they felt or what was happening. For that time and in that place, they enjoyed their life.

Take a moment and enjoy your life. Your kids will grow up and your situation will change. But, life is what happens while you're waiting for the next event.

Listen to Fats Domino sing Jingle Bells and have a glass of champagne with Michele.

Your pal,