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Friday, April 9, 2010


Hey Barry

Good on ya for the START with the Russians.

Here's what Graham Allison Says:

Wot I say is GO FDR!!

Your pal

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Riverboat Gamblin - 2

Hey Barry:

Sometimes at 5.00 AM is kinda hard to sleep an then the ol mind starts workin. And, aint allus a good thang when that wheezy ol contraption kicks in.

Lotta folks an I needs a job an I knows y'all workin the problem, but aint nuthin happenin. Got a part time job, but that aint' enuf ta keep the house. Wife's lookin but they's even less for her. We can hang on for while but then changes gonna happen.

So's then I thinks bout you: Barry Obama. Holy Cow, how do you sleep atall, anyways.

I been sayin that jobs will happen when y'all let unions do more organizin and strikin an when y'all put some kinda tariff on imports so's we can make some of our own crap.

Well that aint gonna be enuf, Barry. There's nother thang y'all gotta go after. It has to do with them Reps. Da ting is, they is not gonna let y'all do nuthin. That aint gonna change neither cuz they thinking they is winnin. I dunno what planet they is from, but I knows they is gonna kill anything they can and they just may kill the good ol US of A.

So, here's wot y'all gotta do.

Ya gotta come up with some arguments they caint fight, Barry. Use they own ideas gainst them. An, Barry, y'all good at that - watched y'all play mouth ball, oops I mean basket ball. An yo is good.

Problem is y'all gotta get congress to pass any thing y'all wants. An Barry, yo is gamblin that a three trillion deficit will git us what we wants.

An, y'all is also gamblin that the old ways will help you wid dat. The old ways of letting the market do its own thang. Well, we both knows that the 'market' is bunch of rich guys buying the laws they wants from congress.

An Barry, the ol ways jes aint good enuf to make your gamble work out.

Best ding would be that y'all jes do stuff - but that there would kill the USA. We is all bout the laws and the process and we caint have no kings walkin round an choppin no heads.

Besides all that, them econs of yours is gentle souls. They's never want ta force anybody to do nuthin.

So here's the answer Barry - ya gotta create a new group or agency that looks at the important USA businesses and trys to predict wot will happen an wot we should do bout it.

This new bunch caint do nuthin - so keeps the reps happy - but it can look at the whole picture and try to make sure your gamble pays off. An it keeps the reps happy cuz its lookin at bizness and trying ta keep bizness happy.

So Barry, here's da ting: I have actually written a proposal to do just xactly that and it is now in the Economic Development Administration of the Department of Commerce. Thas right Barry, is in your house right now as we speak an is bin there jes bout a year.

Jes in case y'all caint find it, here's a link to the proposal:

Take a look Barry, caint hurt nuthin an jes might help y'all.

Your pal,

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hits Jes Keep On Comin - Student Aid

Hey Barry,

Y'all is on a ROLL.

Wowsers, Ima lovin it.

Here's how folks in Iowa sees it:

Keep em comin, Barry.

Mebbe y'all can turn round our boat an head it in the right direction.

Your pal,

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Trash Talkin POTUS

Hey Barry:

Caught y'all on the telly one on one with Clark Kellog.

Loves ta see old guys playin. Used to be one myself - played some baseball and got three national championship rings from Phoenix as an old fart.

So Ima thinkin, Barry, ya got game.

But y'all a little streaky - ya needs a warm up like all us old guys. An Barry the best part of yo game is your talkin. Legs is good, hands is good, but Lordy that talk. Been baseball, I woulda beaned ya.

Is good fun Barry, keep it up.

We with ya.

Your pal,