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Friday, June 30, 2017

You Can Run But You Cannot Hide

Hey trump:

You are on the fast track to becoming the President with the worst record in history.

Not only are you clearly Putin's handmaiden, you are actively disliked by more than 60% of the US population and a higher percentage of the world's population.

Add to that the fact that your Congress is systematically dismantling the foundations of our society and the conclusion is clear:

You have besmirched your name for all time. You will be remembered as a total failure.

You have done EVERYTHING in your power to stop an investigation into your Russia connection.

You have systematically pursued Putin's agenda for the United States, at the expense of the National Security of the United States of America.

You have disregarded the Constitution and our institutions as well as basic human decency in your official interpersonal relations.

Your twitter tantrums have served only to distract the population from your more destructive actions, and this was most likely deliberate on your part.

You have systematically extracted personal profit from every government agency you can in clear violation of the Constitution and your Oath of Office.

You have systematically betrayed your voters by your refusal to make good on your campaign promises.

Your party is systematically destroying higher education, our environment, our justice system, our elections, our financial system, our labor laws, our health care and whatever else you can think of.

All of the world leaders from democratically elected governments have taken a stance against you and your policies.

American voters voted for your opponent by a three million vote margin; that margin has increased since the election. Now, you are distrusted by more than 60% of American voters.

Since you have nowhere to go but down, please resign the Presidency and save your self and the country from further infamy.

I wish I could say that the foregoing is all you have done, but that is just from my memory; I am sure there are other things waiting in the wings.

'The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.' [Proverb]

You can run but you cannot hide.