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Thursday, June 13, 2013

UPDATE 6.15 Truth About How Clapper Is Dumber Than Us

Barry, My Liege :

Just in case you missed it, your Director of National Intelligence Mr. James Clapper presented some false information as a response to a question from Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) in a Senate hearing about the PRISM program.

You may want to read the fact checking statement about the exchange here

UPDATE 6.15.13 Also, here's a location of more information about what the NSA is really doing :

My Liege, as a parent you know that you cannot lie to your children. They can read you like a book.

And as a classroom teacher you know full well that you are on display every day. At any moment you are probably more intelligent than any two or three or four students in your class taken together, but collectively the whole class is a whole lot smarter than you are.

My Liege, Mr. Clapper tried to pull a fast one on 300 million Americans.

If brave men and women were not in harm's way and the future of our country were not on the line, My Liege, such an act would be laughable.

But when we are all in harm's way, such an act is inexcusable.

Let us be clear, my Liege : The American people collectively are a lot smarter than you or any of your fellows in government.

And, we do not trust you to make decisions about our lives without notifying us or seeking our consent.

It appears that you trust your own judgment when we are in harm's way and do not trust our judgment.

That is not your charter, My Liege.

It is not your decision.

Your charter is to present a comprehensible and realistic explanation of the situation to us and seek our collective judgment about alternative courses of action.

We trust you will remind your staff of that.

Your faithful servant,