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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Barry's Banker Speech

Hey Barry -

Caught your talk on youtube. Covered lotta things and they sound good.

Couple things:

1. You so nice.

Been me, I woulda been real unpolite.

Ya said lotta stuff, but here's the thing, Barry: ya gotta mean it and ya gotta follow through.

Them weasels will dance and burrow around and underneath - gotta watch em like a hawk.

2. Serious now, I read some bout banks and history. There's one thing that you don't talk bout.

And, Barry, I'ma tellin you all it is the heart of the issue and the future of the good ol USA.

Here it is Barry:


Jeez, Barry, we know this.

If'n your bills don't tear apart loans from insurance and stock manipulation and put them into a separate business, we's all doomed.

Ya gotta take care of that Barry, we countin on ya.

Your pal

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eat Bacon, Live Forever

Hey Barry:

Enuf crap bout them weasel bankers for while - makes me sick anyways.

Read bout the oldest living woman who just died at 115:

She ate bacon, fried chicken and ice cream.

Screw the docs - live forever!!

Your pal