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Friday, January 8, 2010

Up, Up and Awaaaaay / Put that Finger in the Dike

Hey Barry,

Ya knows we loves ya an all, an y'all doin the best ya can.

Ima hopin this here is not way too dramatic, but Barry, this here right now can be your big moment.

Here's what I's talkin.

For just about 400 years give or take the good ol USA was different than other places - a place where real folks was jes as important as the money folks.

Now we is at a time when that'll die, if'n you - thas you, Barry Obama - makes the wrong choice.

If'n y'all lets the bankers off the hook and lets them do business as usual, the good ol USA is history. Then we be jes like all them other monarchies where the kings an bankers ran the place and the reglar folks were jes p----d on.

We been there once before, in the 1930's when FDR saved the system and the country. He did it by making bankers do only loans - no BS stocks and no surance.

The banks and the Congress killed that in the 1980's an we is payin the price now.

If'n we let the banks do what they wants, then the good ol USA is history. 400 years was pretty good, but I is gonna get good n drunk to mark the passin. Then I is moving to some other country.

Here's why your time is now.

Chris Dodd is retirin. Now some folks sez he's in the bank's pockets and carries their water. Don know bout that, but I think his heart has good in it. An, he's got another year as a lame duck.

So, Barry, ya gotta get on Chris and make him see the light - he can be a hero forever by doin' the right thing, or he can be disgraced and seen as a bank tool. He's still runnin the Senate bank committee, so's ya gotta climb on him to get some real regs workin.

And, even Benny knows that the bad regs caused all the problems - see it here

So Barry, this is it, time to step up to the plate.

Here's what ya gotta do: make them regs take away banker abilities to sell surance and stocks. I even wrote bout it:

I wanna stay here Barry, but I don wanna be p-----d on by no bank weasels.

If'n I wanna be a serf, I'll move to China or North Korea..

Up to you Barry, we needs it.

Your pal