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Saturday, January 5, 2013


Barry, My Liege :

With trepidation, this space has created suggestions and ideas for an Inaugural speech, which are offered below. Use what you find appropriate.

Your faithful servant.

My Fellow Americans :

Words cannot express the humility and gratitude I feel this morning as I stand here before you to describe where the United States of America is headed for the next few years.

We are a great and a good nation and we are grateful that we are Americans at the beginning of the 21st Century.

We know in our hearts that our greatness follows from our goodness. This goodness of Americans is not an abstract or frivolous concept.

It is as real as the Americans who died protecting our freedoms in our many wars. It is as real as the thousands of men and women in harms' way at this moment.

And, it is just as real as the Americans who immediately help when a disaster like Hurricane Sandy hurts their neighbors.

We honor and respect those Americans who serve in our Armed Forces in countries far away or who serve in their neighborhoods every day and we are more grateful than we can say for their sacrifice and good will.

From this outpouring of American generosity and good will in the years since 1776, we have created a great and powerful country. A country where every person can live the American Dream of working hard and doing well for their families.

I am happy to report that the American Spirit is alive and well and that because of the spirit we can look forward to a bright and challenging future.

We are a family - a large American family. We are a family regardless of our origins, our gender, our religion, our political party or any other artificial divide.

And, like families everywhere, we have differences about issues both trivial and large. But, at the end of the day, we come together and agree on an action which makes our country stronger.

I will not lie to you - sometimes it takes too long to get that agreement. But, we do find the common ground eventually.

And that is what you ask of your leaders : You ask that we find the common ground and move forward.

And that is what we will do in the years ahead. We will find that common ground and we will move ahead.

Make no mistake, some folks will not have their wishes granted when we come together as Americans on a policy or action. And, some of those folks who feel left out will harbor bitter feelings. As your President, I extend a hand of friendship to all Americans including those who feel left out. I hope that they can overcome their grief and help us move forward on other issues.

One of the pressing issues faced by the United States of America is that some forces in the world wish us ill and seek to kill our people. We stand resolute against our enemies and we will defend our country with our greatest efforts. Having said that, my Admistration will bring forward some proposals to modify the legal system in place to conduct those efforts.

It is important to our values that we do not violate our Constitutional principles in conducting actions to secure our country. We can and we will do both - protect our country and our Constitution.

There are some trends inside our country which need some minor adjustments in the near future in order to provide our grandchildren with better lives.

We need to take better care of the planet. My administration has a number of specific programs to ensure that our resources and environment are secure. We will bring those forward soon.

These policies may harm some people financially by the actions we take to preserve our future.

We honor the rich among us for they have demonstrated great diligence in amassing their fortunes. The issue we face today is that some of those folks can use their wealth to manipulate the political system to their advantage and by so doing block the way forward for others in our family.

Now is the time for them to demonstrate that they too have the American Spirit of being willing to help their neighbors when disasters happen.

That is what we need to preserve our greatness - we need goodness and sacrifice from everyone in our family. We ask the fortunate among us to lead the way. The United States of America cannot move forward without their cooperation. I will be asking them for their cooperation soon.

We know that middle class and working class families have suffered financial setbacks in recent years and we are determined to improve the lives of all individual families in our great American family.

Our American political system needs some tweaking in order to ensure that the way forward for average families is not blocked.

Tweaking this system requires that we alter our method of financing political campaigns and that we modify some of our capital and consumer good markets to ensure more competition among our business enterprises. It may require also that we provide some additional negotiating strength to our labor folks while providing their employers some protection from lower cost competitors. We will bring forward specific policies to accomplish those tasks.

We recognize our familial obligation to assist those among us who cannot help themselves or who have worked their entire lives and want to live out their days secure from want and illness. We will protect existing programs and bring forth new policies to ensure that we meet those obligations.

We also recognize that America's future greatness lies in our ability to make our economy sound and growing. A fundamental requirement for that economic growth is a sound and healthy public education system.

Our future new products and services depend on an educated population. We know that limiting schooling to those who can afford a private education is a road to disaster for our grandchildren. Our economy works well when all of us can produce at our highest levels. We cannot afford to limit the potential of any of our family; we need their contributions for our future.

Let me assure the American people - we will find that common ground and we will make the right decisions for our children and grandchildren.

Thank you and may God bless the United States of America.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bankers - Making Things Worse Since Tudor England

Barry, My Liege :

A little more history about the early 19th Century shows some additional flaws in free market economics.

'If we turn to the towns, to the manufacturing and mining districts, we shall find a condition of things equally [to the agricultural countryside] revolting to humane sentiment. It was probable more by machinery than by guns that we had won the war, but the price was terrible. The period of transition [to peace] during which, under more favorable circumstances, we might have evolved a new social order, had seen all our energies devoted to beating the enemy and keeping ourselves from actual collapse. Provided this could be done, that the furnaces could be kept roaring and the wheels buzzing, nothing could else counted with those in authority. The new industrial system was allowed to evolve itself, and evolve it did in the most wasteful, slipshod and cruel of all possible ways.

Even for the employers, the struggle for survival was desperate and the spectre of ruin seldom very far off. Markets fluctuated, booms and slumps trod on each others' heels in the most bewildering way. The course of business was left not, as theorists supposed, to the free play of enlightened egotism, but to the reckless optimism and mad panic of business men. This alteration of slump and boom was no new thing, it had gone on continuously at least since Tudor times, but no one had thought out a financial system for regulating it - the very nature of the evil was hardly realized. The Bank of England, protected from any serious competition by Act of Parliament, occupied a position of dominating importance and used its power positively to aggravate the evil it might have mitigated. Before the great panic of 1825 when capital was being demanded recklessly for every sort of wild-cat enterprise, the Bank was adding fuel to the fire of speculation by cheapening credit and lowering its rate in spite of the fact that gold was being drained rapidly out of the country and its own reserve was diminishing to vanishing point. Then, when the first symptom of a slump appeared, the Bank sharply contracted its credit and precipitated a general smash. Henceforth the recurrence of a decennial panic became a regular part of our financial anarchy, with untold consequences of misery and unemployment.

With the coming of peace, the freedom of the seas, and the opening of the world's markets, a period of prosperity had been confidently anticipated. Unfortunately the first result was to plunge the nation more deeply into the trough of misery. It was no good having access to markets when the war had drained our customers of the money to pay, and the other nations, which were now trying belatedly to build up industries of their own, were by no means minded to expose them to the full blast of British competition - in Europe and the United States tariffs were rapidly put up against us. Then the government, which during the war had been a huge employer of labour, civil and military, ceased its abnormal destructive activities, and thereby flooded the labour market with idle hands at a time when works everywhere were closing down. The state of hopeless misery into which the country was plunged in the black year 1816 baffles description....

Grimmest of all was the lot of children who were herded into the factories almost as soon as they could walk, whose hours were from five in the morning till seven or nine at night, in a steaming and overheated atmosphere and amid unfenced machinery into which the poor little victims often dropped through sheer exhaustion, or imprisoned alone and in the dark down in the bowels of the earth. Every species of cruelty had to be practiced to keep them up to the mark ; the employer would often wait with a horsewhip in the small hours of the morning to flog the half drowsed infants into their daily Hell, and as the day went on and agonized appeals for the time were heard, conscientious foremen would apply the scourge with ever more industrious assiduity until the bruised and haggard little boys and girls reeled home for a few hours' insufficient sleep, broken by dreams of the day's torture. The parents, where they were not brutalized by their own misery out of all natural feeling, watched with bleeding hearts the sacrifice of their children, but the industrial Moloch was inexorable, it was a choice between Hell and starvation - conscientious overseers would not grant relief to idle hands, however diminutive.'

From THE HISTORY OF BRITISH CIVILIZATION, Esme Wingfield-Stratford, D Sc., M.A., Ex-Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd., London First Edition 1928, Second Edition, 1930, Reprinted 1932, 1933, 1938, 1942, 1945 and 1948, pp 887-888

Monday, December 31, 2012

Inaugural Speech

Barry, My Liege :

We wish you and yours Hog Manay, a very Happy New Year.

We recognize that it is a promising and simultaneously challenging time for you and for the United States of America and our Economic National Security.

My Liege, as you consider your Inaugural Speech for your second term as well as the verdict of history on your Presidency, we beseech you humbly for a few simple things.

We pray you, My Liege, restore Constitutional processes to your killing programs so that neither you nor your successors can take a life on your sole decision. Then and only then will we be able to consider you as a President of the United States of America instead of the Royal position you have assumed.

Your renditions continue [] and your assault on the Fourth Amendment cooperates with Congress [].

We beseech you to speak the truth about our situation. We know that you cannot right all the wrongs we face, but perhaps by speaking the truth you can establish a direction and a vision for our future that takes us toward our shared ideals.

We pray you address the income and wealth imbalances which afflict us today. They are not sustainable and will destroy our Noble Experiment unless corrected in the near future.

Let us be clear, My Liege, simply raising the marginal tax rate to 39.6% on those who make obscene incomes will not correct the problem. Truly correcting these inequities requires radical restructuring. My Liege, we will be happy if you acknowledge that.

While I can list a number of specific actions which will 'turn the ship around', in your phrase, I have written that list in this space on earlier occasions. See this for details : Saturday, September 22, 2012, Recovery and Restoration of the USA, 2013

We wish you be ambitious, My Liege. We pray you choose Franklin D. Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt as your models.

You will disappoint us severely if you are cautious and ignorant of our true issues, My Liege.

My Liege, we pray you speak to history and act for history in your coming term, for that is what we require as a country.

Your faithful servant,