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Monday, December 3, 2007

Iowa Dead Heat?

Iowa Dead Heat?

News accounts show a dead heat in Iowa between Obama, Clinton and Edwards.

Maybe it is time to test a negative attack strategy as a rehearsal for the national campaign. The overall strategy seems vaild at this point - still no doubt that Hillary will have the nomination [based on polls that show Dems give her best shot at the eventual Rep as seen in the Wall Street Journal

A test could validate tactics with a small sample. Maybe poll a focus group in a controlled situation as they enter a room before a negative attack, then demonstrate some negative attacks.Then, poll again after the negative attack to calculate results.

Need at least 100 people and even then the probabilities will be hard to project, so maybe the idea is too lame. But maybe it is worth a shot.

Calling on the campaign gurus to look at it.

PPS: Seems that Obama is complaining about Hillary's negative campaigning in Iowa.


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