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Thursday, July 17, 2008

McCain = Gramm = Enron/Indy Mac

Just in case there was a doubt, Robert Scheer connects the dots in his column 'How about tough love for the bankers?' []

Phil Gramm advises McCain on economic policy. Phil Gramm was the moving force behind the banking deregulation that gave us the housing melt down and the Enron debacle, so far.

With McCain in the Oval Office, we will see more Enron's and Indy Mac's.

BTW: recent reports suggest that more than 100 US banks are in trouble. As economists know, the banking system is a critical part of the domestic money supply and, by implication, the entire US and world economy.

It is time for the FED to get off its chair and act to secure our money supply from stupid and or crooked bankers.

It is in our national interest.

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